Zimbabwe: Three-Day Special Workshop For Clergy


Prepared by FFWPU Zimbabwe

A 3-Day Special Workshop for Clergy took place at the Peace Embassy, Harare, Zimbabwe, from May 1-3, 2018 with 20 participants.

The first day, the participants studied God’s Ideal of Creation as well as Predestination. They were fascinated to learn about God’s nature, the purpose of creation and the spirit world. It was clear from their questions and comments that something was taking place. The Principle view of Predestination was also very comforting for them.

On the second day, there was Hoon Dok Hwe, a reading from Cheong Seong Gyeong about God’s Existence and His Attributes. This helped them to start to connect with True Parents, especially “The mysteries of the human body testify to God’s existence.” Then, learning about the Fall of Man was mind blowing. They said some may have had some hint about the Fall, but True Parents’ full explanation about what really happened, how and why it happened was unprecedented. Then came the Doctrine of the Last Days, Resurrection and the Mission of the Messiah. They moved from shock to shock. All their concepts were challenged and clarified. At the end of the day, they were all shouting: “This is what we needed.” We also studied the Introduction to Restoration. Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi was using any opportunity to talk to them about the Blessing.

The third day came with no apprehension at all. The Hoon Dok Hwe was about “The God who needs liberation.” They could connect to True Father’s life and heart of attendance to God. Then came the study of the three families (Adam, Noah and Abraham), a summary of Moses and Jesus courses and the Second Coming in the Afternoon. As Rev. Ghomsi was teaching the Second Coming with a summary of the Preparation for the Second Coming, the World Wars, etc., their eyes were more focused on True Parents’ picture on the left side of the wall in front of them. So, when at the end Rev. Ghomsi proclaimed True Parents as the Messiah, the Returning Lord and Savior, it seems to most of them a done deal. They said they now understand why the Reunification of the two Koreas has been taking center stage in world news lately. Rev. Oliver Mandisodza, the President of MVPV (Men of Valour, Purpose and Vision), a network of religious leaders through whom most of the participants came from said, “I believe that the Reunified Korea will become a world superpower!”

They watched two videos in conclusion: Realizing the Dream of One Human Family and The Power of True Love.

At the end, Rev. Ghomsi asked each and every one to pray about what they have learned during the three days and ask Jesus and God what they think about these teachings. He said, “Father and Mother Moon are the only religious founders who have succeeded to create a worldwide movement in their own lifetime, despite all the persecutions and six imprisonments! The Kingdom of God, is closer than ever in human history. You are today’s John the Baptists for your churches. It is up to you if you will fail or succeed in fulfilling your portion of responsibility. We can change Zimbabwe into God’s nation in two years! Please prepare your families for the Blessing. Start to prepare your churches for the Blessing. We are going to have more workshops like this, even longer ones. We hope to hear from you soon!”

Rev. Bosako Iyolangomo, National Leader, also thanked the participants for having taken time from their busy schedules to attend this workshop. He encouraged them to get ready for the Blessing. “We are going to organize more workshops. We count on you to spread the good news.”

Pastor Benny Makoni testified to the power of the Blessing. In 2016, he was about to divorce his wife as he could not relate properly with her and she had come to church while he was preaching to accuse him of being a phony to all the congregants. Some of the congregants started leaving him afterward. He met Pastor Joseph Tegwere who spoke to his couple and encouraged them to take the Blessing. Since then, “My marriage was saved and my wife and I are more harmonized than ever, thanks to the Blessing and True Parents!”

It was amazing to see that they could so easily accept the Divine Principle. None of them argued. The questions they asked were only about clarifications in order to understand better. The Holy Spirit is truly at work! Gone are the days people came to workshops with preconceived ideas and viewpoints! They all came to learn and they were very keen in learning.

They have requested for more workshops. They want their spouses also to take part as well as other pastors or bishops they know. The presence of Bishop Kenneth Mawire was also reassuring and encouraging for many of them.

The power cut that happened in the early morning of the second day did not prevent the workshop from continuing. On the third day by lunchtime, we borrowed a generator to finish the workshop.


Rev. Oliver Mandisodza, Team Leader of MVPV, Men’s Ministry: “Generally the workshop was uplifting, inspiring and enlightening as each was progressive and with vast captivating experiences. The facilitator Rev. Ghomsi articulated the FFWPU Vision and training content exceptionally well. It was indeed refreshing, uplifting, enlightening, and easy to follow. Because of the whole new approach to the Bible and revealed truths pastors and leaders who attended generally approved FFWPU concept of family and marriages vis-a-vis world peace and unification. We shall make sure next time we fill this place. As men, we have to take responsibility for this nation. I am looking forward to the Blessing and I will encourage everyone else to also take part!”

Bishop Kenneth Mawire, Founder of TransAfrica Evangelical Ministries International.: “This is a very powerful teaching. I am happy about the way the workshop progressed. I believed God made me to meet the FFWPU for a purpose even at my old age. I am happy that God has shown me new teachings. I would like, if possible, to learn separately at my own pace all what I missed as I could not follow all the lectures because people kept coming to my place for spiritual guidance during the three days. I am going to encourage everyone to also listen to these teachings. I will mobilize pastors in my network of TransAfrica Evangelical Ministries International. They have to listen to this. I will support the work of Family Federation in whatever way possible. I heard that although I am a widower, I could be blessed also? We will see about that.”

Mrs. Monicah Mutero, Renewal Fellowship Pastor’s wife: “This is awesome! Since the first day, I have been sharing with my husband. He has been busy but he is preparing to come also. This is what we needed. I wish I had known this earlier! I want this Blessing. Please help me to convince my husband when he comes. I want to meet the Messiah in my life! When is Mother Moon coming to Zimbabwe? Keep up with the good work!”

Rev. Rudo Zimonte, True Believers Tabernacle / Soul Travailing Ministries: “When I decided to come to this workshop, I did not know what to expect. I thought it was just another Bible classes focused on the family and family problems. Thank you for the lectures. This was a revelation workshop. I just feel we needed more time. I am looking forward to the next workshop.”

Rev. James Chikukwa, United Apostolic Faith (MVPV): “The teachings are very clear and straightforward. No one can deny this. It is biblical. We have been teaching wrong stuffs to people. I want to study more. I need to be well equipped. Can we have books? Many of our church leaders are struggling with family breakdown and immorality. Seeing these American religious leaders embracing this vision is encouraging and mind blowing. We need this in Zimbabwe. Thanks for bringing this to Zimbabwe. I am delighted to be part of this. Please invite me for any future program.”

Rev. David Kambasha, Gospel of the Kingdom Ministries (MVPV): “I am grateful to Family Federation for this wonderful workshop. We have heard the message. It is very powerful and clear. I have in the Bible College. However, it was nothing like this. Here all are clearly explained. No taboos or doctrines but universal principles. I hope we can be able to have books or literature to read on our own free time and deepen our understanding.”

Rev. Lameck Madzimure, Churchlife Ministries: “The workshop was good and very helpful. I just wish the finishing time could be 4:00 PM instead of 5:00 PM to allow those who live far to go back on time. It is a helpful thing if the organization continue giving us such a wonderful workshop every month. God bless you in abundance in Jesus’ name.”

Rev. Mai Francisca Mushure, Oil of Joy Ministry for Marriages and Family in the Church of the Living God (MVPV): “I was impressed by all topics covered during the 3 Day workshop and my wish is on the number of days to be increased and the information to be on handouts for self-evaluation. Topics covered were all relevant and applicable to my personal life, my family, community and country. As a woman, I was challenged to be part and parcel to the ministry of preaching uniting families. The information which was deliberated should not only be known by Pastors/leaders  it must be advocated to all as yet all are living in disobedience.”

“Who is answerable to people’s blood and suffering? Advocacy should be extended to communities, families, even the street kids flocking our cities because of life hardships. Our planning team should look around and advocate Churches leadership, community based programs to combat the drunkenness, and committing of other sins. There should a Federation in all our nations to speak with one voice.

Human and material resources should be mobilized and spread with the goal to spread the workshops to all provinces, districts, wards etc., nationwide and beyond our borders. This should not be limited to churches only but should be a national community-based program for unity and peace to prevail.”

Rev. Catherine Chikukwa, Rock Assemblies Ministry (MVPV): “I really enjoyed the workshop. I have no problem accepting Father and Mother Moon as the Messiah. Two years ago, I received a brown envelop in the dream. When I opened it, there was a picture inside. When I look at it, it was a picture of a couple and underneath the couple were some writings in a language I could not read. The first day when I arrived here, as I was going to the toilet, up the stairs, I saw something on the wall. It was exactly the same picture I received in the envelop two years ago with the same message written in a language I could not read, only that this time, there was an English translation of the message. I realized that I was at the right place. The lectures just came to confirm to me. I am grateful to God to have shown me the way. I am looking forward to learning more.”

Miss (Intercessor) Abigail Zhakata, Jesus Reign Ministries: “Shalom. The Workshop was educational and inspirational. The Fall of Man makes me to read more of the word of God and live it. It taught me to live a fulfilling life because it is not about me but Him who loves me.”

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