Zambia: Women Leadership Seminar


by Fabrice Djimadoum

WFWP Africa region in collaboration with WFWP Zambia held the 2nd one day women leadership seminar on May 12, 2018 at Peace Embassy, Lusaka under the theme: “Forgive Love and Unite”.

The attendants were 45 women leaders from different providential organizations and Heavenly Tribal Messiah including Mrs. Maria Maria Margarida Gindroz a Heavenly Tribal Messiah leader from Switzerland.

The purpose of the seminar was to uplift and inspire Women Leaders to have a positive outlook in their lives and use the God-given skills and talents to Love and Nurture their families, communities and Nation with the spirit of “Forgive, love and Unite thereby nurturing a culture of Peace. This will align them to focus on the victory of vision 2020 in their Nations and establish a True Families Movement.

The MC was Mrs. Margret Jere, WFWP Zambia board member and it started with a prayer from Mrs. Evelyn Daka , WFWP Zambia Secretary.

In her opening remarks, Mrs. Eunice Sanfo, WFWP Zambia Vice President expressed her gratitude on behalf of WFWP Zambia to have been blessed to receive for the 2nd time True Mother’s love through the lectures given by Mr.s Susan Kone the WFWP IVP Africa. She further encouraged her fellow women to cultivate the FLU (Forgive, Love and Unite) as the theme of the seminar. She concluded her remarks by urged each participant to understand True Mother heart through these special programs.

After the introductions, the lecturer Mrs. Susan Kone gave two inspiring and motivational presentations Titled, “Inspiring Change” which motivated the Women Leaders to focus more on the issues that matters most that is National restoration activities.

In the afternoon, three participants gave inspirational reflections: Mrs. Peggy Bassole, Mrs. Eunice Sanfo and Mrs. Annabelle Banda who in their reflection were happy with the inspiring lectures and are more determined to do more for God.

In her second presentation based on “The Inspirational Story of the Half man – Half Price Store-The Story of Peng Shuilin”. She encouraged leaders to be determined and stand up to save mother Zambia at the risk of their Lives regardless of their physical limitations or challenges.

In the closing remarks given by Mrs. Eunice Mbulo Sanfo, she thanked the Africa WFWP President for hosting this important program and reminded participants to keep positive thinking.

At the participants were inspired and deeply moved by the different presentations and resolve to protect mother Zambia by investing all their best as mothers to be in the forefront and lift up the providence in Zambia. They requested more Educational and empowerment programs to enlighten women and to encourage them to be proactive in creating and nurturing the culture of peace.

At the end of the lectures, there was a sisterhood ceremony where 17 pairs of Women Leaders were matched together and since they were determined to have a new start and give birth to new Zambia, they were given the name of “Peace Mothers of Zambia”

The Women Leaders resolved to advocate and spread Peace messages in all corners of Zambia and beyond and spread the vision of True Parents to the whole population. The Women expressed their Joy by songs and dances to mark the new beginning and vowed to cement their relationships through visiting each other and networking with other Women Groups so as to overcome barriers and unite to take responsibility for Zambia.

Below are some reflections from sisterhoods:

“The seminar was very good and inspiring. We would like them to be continued in regular basis not only for sisters from our movement but also other women in other levels….It is a foundation to establish unity, also Sisterhood will promote Peace, love and unity.” Mrs. Jacqueline Mutewa from Jamaica and Mrs. Bill from DR Congo.

“The seminar has helped us to understand ourselves and change our attitude/it has awakened us and we feel empowered, energized and Enlighted through the seminar…..We have a big role to play as women in this nation….the Sisterhood ceremony will help us to strength our relationships as sisters.” Mrs. Annabelle Banda from the Philippines and Mrs. Gift Djimadoum from Zambia.

“This seminar is refreshing, motivating and reminding us to have a positive thinking in life…. We are grateful to True Mother for having initiated such a wonderful organization where women can come together and receive this kind of education and also participate in sisterhood ceremonies which will help us to have a closer relationships as sister since we are all God’s daughters”. Mrs. Peggy Nyendwa Bassole from Zambia and Mrs. Kiyomi Wakasaka from Japan.

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