Zambia: Special Leadership Seminar


by Fabrice Djimadoum, FFWPU Zambia

Report FFWPU in collaboration with (Zambia Association of Private Light Truck and Taxi drivers (ZAPLTD) held a one-day leadership seminar for the Executive Members of the ZAPLTD on 5th May 2018 at Peace Embassy, Lusaka.

Around 20 participants attended to the event. The theme of the seminar was ”My Role in Peace Building in the Society”.

The purpose of the seminar is to share with the members of the association about leadership and family values and propose to them the Blessing.

The MC of the event Mr. Kouame Dieudonne introduced the program and called upon different speakers and presenters.

The first speaker was the President of ZAPRTD, Mr. Edwin Chishimba. In his address to the participants, he introduced the objectives of the association which one of them is to partner with organisations for Peace such as FFWPU. He further reminded them about the importance of the seminar for the executive members of the association. He further encouraged his fellow drivers to embrace everybody despite of nationality, language or skin colour. He further encouraged to cultivate spirit peace. Finally, he thanked FFWPU for organising this important leadership for their organisation. Then followed by a remark by Mr. Andrico Tshaba, FFWPU Vice President. In his remarks, he thanked participants for coming and encouraged them. He further stressed on the benefit for attending this important seminar for the leadership of the association. He concluded his remarks

Afterwards, main lecturers was given by Rev. Rudolf Faerber, immediate National Leader gave presentations on “God’s Original Ideal of Peace” and “Understand the Root Causes of Human Conflicts”. In his presentation, he emphasized on the 3 life goals which human being needs to fulfil it. He finally, encouraged participants in their fields, to cultivate esprit of  peace with their clients and others.

Participants had a time of questions and answers to deepen their understanding about Human Fall.

Rev. David Isaac Phiri also shared about the family values and participants were moved. In his sharing with the participants, he emphasized on mutual respect and love between husband and wife.

At the end of the seminar participants requested to organise more workshops for the executive and extended to their members since they found more inspiring.

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