Zambia: One Day Family Outreach


by Susan Kone, WFWP Africa IVP

The WFWP Africa / Zambia in collaboration with the Women Leaders with FFWPU and UPF Zambia joined hands to hold a Family Outreach program which started on May 19th in Lusaka with the theme Forgive, Love and Unite. The goal is to create a True Families Movement in Zambia by encouraging the women and families to created strong lasting relationships starting from the blessed families and then expand the sphere of True Love beyond our membership.

Beforehand the 31 Women leaders from various providential organizations had made contributions of Food and Clothing towards the Visit of the Blessed family of Isaac and Betty Banda a Zambia- Congolese couple who recently gave birth to a 2nd Gen baby girl and all these were to be offered to the Family.

The program started with the presentation of the baby followed by prayers by Mrs. Eunice Sanfo the WFWP Zambia Chapter. After the Prayers, Mrs. Susan Kone the WFWP IVP Africa gave the explanation of the purpose of the Family Outreach program whose goal is to create a True Families movement centering on Heavenly Parents and True Parents for the Victory of Vision 2020 and beyond.

After the speech there was the cutting of the congratulation cake by the couple after which there was the presentation of gifts and also congratulatory messages from various leaders.

After this session, they shared a hearty meal prepared by 3 couples and sang songs in gratitude to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the birth of a new beautiful 2nd Generation girl.

A total of 31 women gave donations and they were represented by 15 leaders who actually visited the family. The extended family of this blessed couple were very happy to see the kind of unity and love that the couple received from the Women Leaders and while giving their testimonies, the mother of the husband expressed joy and happiness and thanked the women Leaders for thinking about them and taking time to visit them in such a large group.

The couple Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Banda were overwhelmed by the Love that they received and thanked the Women Leaders for this Visit and the presents.

The program ended with a prayer and a New determination to hold more family outreach programs to spread the FLU ( Forgive, Love and Unite) spirit of our beloved True Mother.

The Family outreach programs will be held every Month to strengthen the True Families Movement and create an environment of witnessing and National restoration.


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