Zambia: Character Education for the Youth


by Susan Kone- WFWP Africa IVP

We held an event for the youth which was organized by the WFWP Africa in collaboration with WFWP Zambia and Tongil Moo Do. The Purposed is to nurture the Youth with a Mother`s Heart and The Theme was “Nurturing the Youth for Peace and Prosperity” and the Topics covered were HIV/Aids Awareness & prevention and character education. It was held at the Barlastone school in Lusaka, Zambia on the 1st May 2018.

The Seminar was attended by the youth mainly girls of the Twikatane Girls Football club and their ages are 17 and 18 years old and their Coach Mr James P. Sakala also attended. The program started with a prayer and was followed by introductions and then Mrs Susan Kone the WFWP IVP Africa gave an introduction of the mission and Vision of the WFWPI.

The lectures included the HIV/Aids Awareness and Prevention and the youths were guided on how to have a positive vision of themselves and live a fulfilling life. The Video on how HIV/Aids is replicated in their bodies really touched their hearts and some of them expressed that it was the first time that they were hearing these kinds of seminars.  Also they said that they could now understand the importance of living a pure life free from alcohol, drugs and free sexual relationships which are like poison to their bodies and spirit.

The 2nd part of the lectures was given by Mrs Eunice Sanfo the WFWP Zambia Vice President and her lecture was on Character Education. She taught about the 3 Life goals and She stressed the importance of having good character centering on God from an early age in order for their lives to be molded to successful individuals with mature character, establish Happy Familles in the future and contribute towards building peaceful and prosperous communities, nation and world.

In the afternoon, they received a Pure Love Alliance Lecture from M. Kouame Dieudonne who is responsible for Tongil Moo Do Zambia. He stressed the need to use their physical bodies well by disciplining their mind and body to unite and live pure lives by practicing Abstinence before marriage and faithfulness to one partner in marriage.

During the session on reflections, the coach Mr James P. Sakala thanked the WFWP for this kind of education for the youth as they have never received this kind of lectures before.  He urged the WFWP to continue holding more such programs to nurture the young girls and boys who urgently need parental guidance for them to reach their full potential. Many of the girls and boys wish to be professional footballers when they finish their formal education.

The youth representatives expressed joy and hope and thanked the WFWP for holding the seminar specially for them. The program ended with a prayer. A total of 22 Youths attended and follow-up seminars are scheduled for the youth to have a deeper understanding on the Topics.

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