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Prepared by FFWPU Hungary


Peace starts with me

To prepare and same time to support True Mother’s visit in Vienna the following activities were organized:

“Peace starts with me” public lectures were organized in our Peace Embassy, Budapest. The lecture series taken care by Budapest Community, contained mainly the outline of Divine Principle and introduction of the public work of True Parents. After the lectures the guests were invited to Vienna with introducing them the nature of the expected program.

Mobilization for the main event: All together 260 including members, guests, friends, family contacts from Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, Kaposvár, Győr, Pécs, Gyömrő and other towns attended the True Mother’s speech at Vienna Stadthalle. Some people came through Facebook advertisement, public lectures, family contacts and friends. Some of the Communities organized buses; some of them came by cars, or using train to travel to Vienna. Also over 13.000 Euro donations were collected by the Hungarian Family members to support financially the visit of True Mother. Three of our blessed wives went for shorter periods to support the witnessing in Vienna and inviting people to the Main event. Also six second generation youth joined to the Choir and that way support the Gospel Choir. For the ILC 2018 Vienna conference we could bring one young Lady from Catholic University who is just writing her diploma work and she will work as a Sociologist on Religion. (Her professor after the Vienna event organized and invited both of us for radio interview. She gave a very nice report about the whole events, our national leader was asked to speak about the early years of our movement and True Father’s experiences with Jesus and about our traditions as Blessed families.) 30th of April we had a privilege to attend the Liberation Ceremony in Mauthausen labor camp by National Leader family.

After coming back from Vienna the brothers and sisters had a chance to reflect and share their testimonies during the Sunday gatherings.

Peace Blessing

14th of April in the Peace Embassy we held a Marriage Blessing Ceremony for 2 couples. After the blessing ceremony the couples started their 840-day reflection and purification period, so called separation period to start a new life as blessed family. They were uplifted and inspirited to know that True Mother is coming to Vienna so they also took the chance to attend her through the main event. The brothers and sisters 1st and 2nd Gens together were serving and supporting the Mr. and Mrs. Kozma and they could bless their 2 couples.

Public lectures

The Budapest Community and its members organized Divine Principle lectures in rented public halls. And public lectures in our Peace Embassy where the guests and members had possibility to get deeper understanding about other cultures, religious traditions.

Workshops to support the Blessed Families

Parents’ matching and Blessing 2 Days information WS; The HU-BFD got several times requests from the Blessed families that to attend the International or the European level workshops are not so easy because of finances and travel. Gaby Zohrer and Siegfried & Irene Pammer, 2. Generation couple from Austria – after several approach and requests here and there – were the ones who accepted our invitation. So they could share their testimonies concerning the parents’ matching and blessing. This way we could get the taste from the parents’ and children’s point of view as well. The HU-BFD Leonita Zahora gave guidance, practical explanation based on the BFD guidelines how to start, what is the process, what to do and what not to do. She introduced the new online application method and website as well. The national leader gave lecture focusing on our attitude towards blessing, True Parents, cleaning of original sin, life of blessed family, ect. reading several parts from True Parents’ words. The workshop could help to start parents and children to open up for the grace of True Parents and prepare soon or later for this great mission, to find partners to our children and blessed them.

Children’s weekend workshop; In Pecs Training Center was organized for the small children a 2-day divine principle workshop. Blessed families and their close friends with children came together, to listen Divine Principle content on the level of their children. Lecturers, games, outing in nature gave the base for children to be explained and experienced God and his love.

Cultural programs, events to create witnessing environment

To create loving environment, strengthening our public image beside of the direct Divine Principle approaches we continue to offer art-exhibitions and musical performances as well in our Peace Embassy in Budapest. Those events are also very helpful to deepen our relationships to our current guests or to find new contacts and friends as well and of course introduce our Founders, the True Parents.

Cooperation with Los Angeles Family Church

Mr. Laszlo Jager from Gyor Community could manage to bring 8 of his guests to Los Angeles for 10 days Divine Principle WS. The LA Community was helping to provide the accommodation and workshop site for the Hungarian group. One of the couple got inspirited end of the WS and volunteered to receive the Marriage Blessing what the local Church leader couple was officiating. The group had chance to meet the local Community and experience the True Parents foundation worldwide.

Other activities

  • In Győr Community the WFWP had an evening lecture introducing “sound-bowl healing”
  • IL-Jung prayer in Peace Embassy for the unity of Blessed Families centering on God and True Parents
  • Newly printed Exposition of Divine Principle, Outline of Principle and True Fathers’ autobiography
  • Charity work, collected cloths offered for Aid
  • gen baby born – Dejan Palko Olah

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