USA: Young Unificationists Delve into Unification Thought



Prepared by FFWPU USA

From May 5 to 6, Divine Principle and Unification Thought lecturer Gerry Servito visited Unificationists in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.

On Friday night, he joined Maryland’s Youth Ministry for their Word Up gathering at the New Hope Family Church in Maryland. 40 young people listened to Gerry’s lecture, which fit with the group’s theme The Greatest Joy. The youth soon learned that the greatest joy is to live unselfishly. Mr. Servito emphasized that living for others, instead of for one’s own selfish desires, trains the body and the mind to be more united with each other. Mr. Servito also discussed ideas for living generously in everyday life. To make his points more tangible, Youth Pastor Melissa Manor led the youth in a fun activity where they served each other food and drinks. Mr. Servito remarked that it was beautiful to see the young adults guiding their younger brothers and sisters to live with Unification values.

On Saturday, Mr. Servito presented a one-day workshop at the Columbia Road Church in Washington, D.C. Reverend Dr. Achille Acolaste and Mr. Servito collaborated to create a seminar that would explore ways to apply the essence of the Divine Principle to real-life situations. 26 participants listened as Mr. Servito embedded Unification Thought into several lectures that explained our original human nature and discussed topics such as ethics and art. In a question and answer format, attendees shared their thoughts with Mr. Servito and each other on what exactly constitutes an ideal family and what foundation such a family needs. Reflecting on the content, one participant stated, “Gathering with sincere brothers and sisters to hear and discuss these beautiful practical truths is like coming home after a long absence.” Another participant requested that in the future, Mr. Servito’s talks be recorded on video for others to experience, “because they are life changing.”

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