USA: Smiling on the Path to God’s Will


Prepared by FFWPU USA

From April 19 to 23, Mayuri and Dennis Hoffman, one of the first couples in America to bless over 430 couples in marriage, traveled from South Dakota to New York and New Jersey to share with the communities about tribal messiahship.

Although the Hoffmans have already accomplished the task of Blessing 430 families, but understanding True Mother’s desire for the entire human population to receive the Marriage Blessing, they persist in their tribal messiahship.

The Hoffmans told the aspiring tribal messiahs that the fastest route to Blessing the whole human race is for tribal messiahs to take action confidently, and wanting to help other tribal messiahs to achieve their goals. In the limited period of time Mayuri had in New Jersey, she went from shop to shop and door to door with local tribal messiahs to show how she approaches giving the Marriage Blessing. Within two days, they were able to bless 45 couples.

“As I worked beside her, I felt that when she spoke, the door to people’s hearts were opened. I sensed that she also reached out to every individual with an awareness of the support of the spiritual world. When we visited the apartment of a Hindu couple, as the wife opened the door, we saw that her husband seemed to be in the midst of prayer. Noticing this, Mayuri asked her the name of their God, and then chanted the name repeatedly. The woman’s face suddenly brightened and she invited us inside their home. Mayuri first asked the couple to offer a Hindu prayer, then gave them the Holy Wine and the Blessing afterwards. Watching her actions, I perceived that this was an example of receiving the help of the spirit world that is written of in the Divine Principle. Lastly, Mayuri testified to the couple, saying that the road to Heaven is opened through receiving the Blessing, and that she herself is blessed by many of her ancestors and other spirits.” –Atsushi Takino, District 3 Witnessing & Education Coordinator

One miracle occurred in the Hoffman family during Mayuri visit to New Jersey and New York—their grandchild was born, and the Hoffman couple thus became grandparents.

Mayuri conveyed to the tribal messiahs of the northeast her ultimate attitude in her life of faith: “If it is path to God’s will, I shall not go sadly, but with smiles.” In regards to tribal messiah activity, she advised, “Smile; always smile.”

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