USA: Peace Forum for UPF Las Vegas


Prepared by UPF USA

A Peace Forum was held highlighting Marriage and Family at the CARP Learning Center on May 8, 2018 at 6-8 PM. This was a new venture, cooperating with a new Ambassador for Peace who sincerely wanted to help promote membership in UPF by giving a discount in his own business, which was to help individuals and families with their finances.

Initially, there was networking and a meal served. Thanh Le was an excellent emcee, Jim Rigney gave a beautiful offering prayer and Leslie Rigney gave an introduction of UPF showing the Video of UPF and also emphasizing that we are working to build a grassroots local community of Ambassadors for Peace who are working to live for the sake of others. By helping individuals and families create harmonious loving families that live for the sake of others, she said we can build a beautiful community in Las Vegas, that this was our founder’s dream.

Antonio Freeman spoke about the importance of developing good financial practices and making decisions in accord with one another in helping families to become more harmonious. He spoke of several examples of where families can have better dominion over their finances and offered his educational program to assist, which would be discounted to those who are members of UPF-USA,

Four Ambassadors for Peace were appointed. We especially surprised Shahram Sedehi, who has faithfully and excellently been our media person, and Thanh Le who has willingly offered to help UPF Las Vegas in any task we need. Two ladies active in the community were appointed and committed to working closely with us.

Twenty- five people attended, including 7 members and 18 guests. The organizers of a local large event attended. Two people signed membership. After the event, there was much sharing and networking and a real spirit of community. We were grateful to CARP for letting us use their facility where we could have a warm and successful meeting.

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