USA: National Ministry Team – Monthly Meeting


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On May 16, 2018, the National Ministry Team gathered at the New Yorker Hotel for its May monthly meeting, instilling Unificationists with an even greater desire to share True Parents’ teachings with the rest of the nation.

Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, was happy to greet the Unificationists after returning from Europe and Korea to support True Mother. In his message, Dr. Kim highlighted True Parents’ heart and hope for America, inspiring those in the audience to provide further results and miracles for God. He emphasized that our mindset must be even stronger, our heart more united with True Parents in order to restore this nation. “Our mindset 40 years ago wouldn’t work today; so we must re-energize, re-engineer our movement more than before,” he said. “Let us absolutely unite in Heavenly Parent, in True Parents, and with True Mother. This is the way our mindset must be today. From there, we can move on for the sake of God, True Parents, and this country.”

Family Federation for a Heavenly USA President Rev. Richard Buessing began the meeting with words from True Father and recounting his experience in Vienna at the recent “Peace Starts With Me” rally. True Father’s words reminded those in the audience of America’s role as the elder son nation, or the nation that comforts its parents—Korea and Japan. He also discussed the success of the “Peace Starts With Me” rally in Vienna, a lot of which was built upon the success of the “Peace Starts With Me” event in Madison Square Garden last year. Rev. Buessing emphasized the importance of continuing this heart to bring joy to True Parents.

Northeast Subregional Director Demian Dunkley then shared about the 13-day Northeast Harmony Tour, during which he visited all of the Unificationist communities in the northeast in order to connect them to True Mother’s vision for 2020 and beyond. Demian explained that these meetings helped plant seeds of True Parents’ heart within those communities, seeds that would become fruitful. “No fruit left behind” was a theme Demian emphasized in his presentation, showing his desire to share True Parents’ heart to as many people as possible. He specifically mentioned that, after being unable to go to the Poconos after a scheduling conflict on the first day, they returned to the Poconos later on in the tour, for no fruit can be left behind.

Mr. Tom McDevitt then provided an overview of Universal Peace Federation (UPF) USA’s activities over the past month. From interfaith meetings to events emphasizing family values, UPF USA has been committed to creating a world of peace as True Parents have envisioned.

Next, the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Team shared about how young Unificationists have been impacting others nationwide. Young Adult Ministry Program Coordinator Tasnah Moyer presented about the recent Connecting Our Roots (COR) “Invigorate” Retreat, in which young adults of the Unification movement had the opportunity to reconnect their current experiences to their life of faith and spiritual upbringing.

Branch Gaardner, Director of Ocean Church, then spoke about the Peace King Cup tournament, which ended this past weekend. He showcased the winners from this year, including first-prize winner John Hessell, who caught a 41.5 inch striped bass weighing 27 pounds. Younger Unificationists were also represented among the winners, with 12-year-old Adam Beaudoin coming in at third place at 38 inches.

Koichi Nakai, Director of Media Ministry for the National Ministry Team, then promoted the upcoming Hyo Jin Moon 10th Memorial Concert, explaining that the purpose of the concert is to share hyojeong culture, or the heart of filial piety, exemplified by Hyo Jin Moon, True Parents’ second child. During his lifetime, Hyo Jin Moon was a passionate, emphatic advocate of True Parents, expressing his filial heart through music. The concert is your opportunity to celebrate his life, faith, and music! Buy your tickets today at

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