USA: Hyo Jeong Concert & Festival 2018: Coming Together in Music and Faith


Prepared by FFWPU USA



On Saturday, May 26, we kicked off the weekend’s events with a tribute concert to Hyo Jin Moon, True Parents’ eldest son and an avid, soulful musician who dedicated his life to creating art that could move the world.

Unificationists of all ages came from around the country to celebrate Hyo Jin Moon’s life and legacy and to contribute to the concert. Highlights among the acts were performances by the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, with band members reviving their role as Ancestors, the band they played with when they were based out of Manhattan Center and worked closely with Hyo Jin in the 90s; as well as the Hyo Jin Moon band, who came all the way from Japan to accompany three of Hyo Jin Moon’s children, who came all the way from Korea to sing songs from their father’s extensive repertoire.

10 years after Hyo Jin ascended, his music still has the power to inspire its listeners to reverie, and the concert served as a time to remember, to renew, and to introduce, as a new generation of American Unificationists was exposed not only to the depth and sincerity of Hyo Jin’s music for the first time, but to his keen understanding of the power of art and culture to open and transform the heart, bringing us to a higher level of consciousness. Hyo Jin’s enduring vision for the arts is closely tied to his parents’ vision for the world, and to their commitment to create a culture of hyo jeong: a culture fully infused with goodness that brings joy to God and to all people.

The concluding note of the concert, for many, was one of hopeful anticipation: a hope that this tribute concert might be only the first of many such opportunities to gather in celebration of great music and great heart.


Sunday, saw the end of our 2018 Memorial Day weekend’s events with the Hyo Jeong Family Festival at the Belvedere Training Center in Tarrytown. The crowd in Tarrytown was small but clearly committed, turning up despite the forecast of heavy rain with umbrellas, ponchos, and rainboots in tow.

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, vice president of Family Federation International, gave the sermon. Dr. Kim’s message was brief but passionate, as he lifted up True Parents and described their constant mission to revive American Christianity, and on the strength of that renewed foundation, to revive and reunite North and South Korea. Fortunately, the rain would stay a distant threat of dark clouds for most of the day, the first, cool gust of wind bringing with it only a gentle drizzle as the morning service was ending. Dr. Kim concluded his message with a poignant comment on the significance of rainy Memorial Days:

“I asked Heavenly Parent this morning, after seeing the rain pouring down [in Manhattan], ‘Why, every time, do we see rain on Memorial Day weekend?’ God told me, ‘There are so many unseen heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives for the sake of this country. They are crying and crying because people don’t know what kind of time it is for True Parents.’ So, we must come together, and we must initiate, and we must lead this country and the world. Who else will?”

Most appreciated the familial atmosphere of the day, which offered many opportunities to reconnect with friends and to spend time with loved ones. Susan Bouachri, director of human resources at Family Federation for a Heavenly USA, commented as the vendors tents swelled with customers just after the service, “I think Dr. Kim really wants to give people the chance to just hang out….He wants to give everybody the chance to be with family and hang out with friends and enjoy a good time together. We do certainly have the space set for that.”

By the end of the festival, despite a gusty spray here and there, the rain did hold off, and we hope it did prove to be a glorious day–and weekend–for God, True Parents, and all who were able to join us in celebrating life with faith, music, tears, and laughter in the true spirit of hyo jeong and in memory of our elder brother, Hyo Jin Moon.

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