USA: 2018 Peace King Fishing Tournament

True Parents’ 58th Holy Wedding Anniversary Fishing Tournament on Hudson River


Prepared by FFWPU USA

The True Parents’ 58th Holy Wedding Anniversary Fishing Tournament has been taking place since May 5 and will continue until May 11. The tournament will be held for seven days on Hudson River and adjacent bays in NY and NJ area. We welcome individuals and groups from churches, departments, families and friends.


Day 1: 31 people participated in the first day of the fishing tournament. The day was very windy, with captains researching all over the bay for good fishing spots. There were five boats of eager fishermen, many who were going stripe bass fishing for the first time. Overall, the day was challenging, but together, 3 keepers (over 28 inches long) were caught.

Day 2: On the second day, 22 people participated. The weather was cold and it was another difficult day. The participants used 4 boats, catching 1 fish over 28 inches throughout the day. Although the team saw fish through the fishfinder, they didn’t bite.

Day 3: On the third day of the tournament, 10 people participated. They used two boats and caught two keepers. The weather was better than the previous two days. Among the participants included Bishop Jesse and Rev. Tanya Edwards.

Day 4: After three consecutive days of fishing under difficult conditions, the 14 participants on the fourth day of the tournament were finally able to catch many keepers. Using three boats, the participants caught 12 keepers by the end of the day.

Day 5: 11 people participated in the fifth day of the tournament. They used two boats and caught four keepers. In the morning, there was quite a bit of fog, while in the afternoon, the weather became windy. Five Japanese students who are on a pilgrimage to America joined the tournament.

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