Taiwan: Special Event for the Celebration of Mother’s Day

Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

On May 5th, 2018, WFWP and FFWPU held a special event for Mother’s Day to express our gratitude to mothers and promote the culture of Hyo Jeong, including the recognition of the families of kindness and filial piety.

The distinguished guests included: The director of the Taoyuan Municipal Government’s Bureau of Social Affairs represented the mayor, as well as the members of the city council and the co-organizers of various charities and media.

We invited some artist to serve as HJ cultural ambassadors. A total of 12 filial piety families were recognized. The Confucian culture attaches importance to filial piety. To promote the HJ culture on Mother’s Day, in addition to filial heart, there must be filial action, it has a profound significance.

During the event we had some interesting games and public welfare sale, including oil massages, butterfly noodles, and so on, so that mothers can suppress health and beauty. Participants could obtain True father’s autobiography and small gifts. On our Facebook page, people wrote their messages to thank their mothers.

On that day, there were also multicultural performances, awards, and prize draws. Hundreds of people spent a warm day with their mothers and family members.

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