Spain: Speech Contest: Women’s Contribution to Social Peace


Speech Contest: Women’s Contribution to Social Peace through Resilience and Reconciliation

By Marcia de Abreu, WFWP Spain

The Speech Contest organized by Women’s Federation for World Peace Spain took place on April 14th 2018 in Madrid.

There were 5 finalists who spoke on “Women’s contribution to social peace through resilience and reconciliation”. Their ages ranged from 19 to 27 and most were University students.

Laura Bourgade, originally from France, a student of Spanish Philology in Madrid University became the winner after she had made a brilliant presentation focusing on peace with oneself, peace with other women (sorority) and peace with men.

She concluded by saying that every human being is involved in the creation of peace and that all of us will experience the need for resilience and reconciliation in our lives at one point or another.

It was a wonderful opportunity to listen to young women voice their ideas and we gave them a certificate of participation and 500 Euros to the winner. We also counted on the participation of 3 women friends of WFWP Spain: Silvia Escobar, former ambassador of Human Rights to the UN and other nations; María Jesús Cañellas, Journalist and University Professor of Speaking Ability; Teresa Nevado, Physicist and Member of European Women’s Lobby.

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