FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon Speaks to Azalea Festival Participants

Click to watch the video: May 4, 2018, Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center


By Julian Gray, FFWPU International Headquarters

[The following is from notes taken during Sun Jin Nim’s interactive session with the participants of the Azalea Purification Festival at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center earlier today. We hope to have captured some of the essence of what Sun Jin Nim said to the assembled members, but as this is not a transcript, please do not rely on it as an official record.]



Sun Jin Nim:

It is Heavenly Parent’s dream that we live in joy. Here in Cheongpyeong, True Parents have laid the foundation for Cheon Il Guk; here we all have one nationality—Cheon Il Guk!—so this is a hometown for all of us. I want to welcome all you true sons and daughters home!

We returned with True Mother from Vienna yesterday. There, Mother poured out all her love and light. Previously Mother was in the United States, which is called the New World, and then in Europe, which we sometimes call the Old World. But Mother is creating the Heavenly World! Our Heavenly Parent wants to fulfil the dream of everyone living in true love. True Mother is at Cheon Jeong Palace at this moment. Can we, as one family, pledge our victory for Vision 2020 with three cheers of “victory” to True Mother so that she can hear us from there? [Yes!]

(Participants follow Sun Jin Nim in cheers of Seungni! Seungni! Seungni!)

I want to begin with what I call “Heart to Heart.”

I receive and answers your questions, connecting your heart to mine, and we learn together. These are questions about how Mother is working, and how to overcome spiritual challenges and the like.

First Question [from Reiko Tanaka, Japan, 23 years old]

Please tell me about the attitude and lifestyle towards Heaven that you have learned from watching True Mother.

Sun Jin Nim:


Very good question! It was not until after True Father ascended that I came into a closer relationship with Mother. True Parents had been very involved in their mission throughout our lives, and it is really only in the last 5 years I have been close to Mother.

I have learned from watching True Mother. Mother has lived her life in prayer with Heavenly Parent and True Father, as the true daughter of our Heavenly Parent. Mother’s prayer is parental prayer expressing Heavenly Parent’s heart. Her prayerful heart is absolute, complete and unchanging; it is prayer based on the culture of hyojeong, of her filial heart toward our Heavenly Parent.

For 52 years Mother indemnified Eve’s position alongside Father with absolute faith love and obedience.

She has accepted absolute responsibility to achieve Heavenly Parent’s dream. She is looking to the infinite future. She wants to immortalize True Parents’ legacy and works for future generations and all members’ legacies as well.

Speaking of True Mother’s attitude and lifestyle, I can say she is one with Heavenly Parent. She has digested and completed everything in that oneness with True Father; plus, she gave birth to 14 children. Think about the millennia over which God has searched for the Messiah. For a long time, we thought of the Messianic personage as a man. Now for the first time we have the balanced and complete view of the Messiah as True Parents.

A woman grows a child inside her; only through a mother can a life come into being. Mother wants us to have life, to be liberated; Mother wants to pass down a culture of joy, love, peace and complete liberation. True Mother’s heart is to free humankind from further indemnity. This is the life Mother wants to give us.

I have learned this from True Parents: we should follow in their footsteps. They are the only perfected example of true love and peace in the world.

My husband prepared a video with some photos – please see yourselves in this video standing with Mother in my place. And please cultivate the heart to attend True Parents in your own heart.

[Sun Jin Nim shows series of photographs of Mother, many of which were personal ones of her together with Sun Jin Nim, accompanied by the song Celine Dion’s song “Every Mother’s Prayer”]

Sun Jin Nim:
That song always make me cry – but tears of joy. Mother’s prayer, even Heavenly Parent’s prayer, is to bring all 7.6 billion children, the people of the world, back home.


Second question [from Jeong-joo Moon, Korea, 24 years old]

When you go through hard times, how do you overcome them? Do you ask True Mother immediately?

I am not sure the answers I receive from Heavenly Parent after offering jeongseong are really from Heavenly Parent. Can’t it be just my own thoughts and decisions?


Sun Jin Nim:

I often feel I don’t want to burden True Parents. How can I burden them with my struggle? They carry the weight of the universe. I don’t want to add to it. So I try to think how that by observing their lives, listening to their words, and following their actions, I can overcome.

Maybe this will help with your second question: When Mother said “I need you to stand in this position” I told her I did not have the ability to serve her; that I had no confidence in my ability. I was broken-hearted over Father’s death. I felt I had no love.

But Mother said, “You can do this, Don’t worry. True Parents are with you. Have faith; go out and love people.” So I took that as my motto. So every day I just try to go and love people with absolute faith.

I prepared a video accompanied by the song “I’m Your Angel (also by Celine Dion). When I hear this song, I think of True Mother as True Father’s heavenly “angel” on this earth. We must be angels too. Heavenly Parent is present in everything. Trust Heavenly Parent is with you. Heavenly Parent is with you and is present in nature. Mother is offering jeongseong every day to connect with Heavenly Parent. When you see nature—the plants, the animals—we can perceive Heavenly Parent and True Father, even Hyo Jin Nim through the natural world.

[The photos in the video are joyful ones of Mother with Sun Jin Nim and other members, and in many images they are interacting with the beauty of the natural world.]


Third Question [from Masahide Basuil, Philippines, 16 years old]

As a young student, how can I help True Parents?


Sun Jin Nim:
True Mother has just inaugurated Youth and Students for Peace in Vienna….

At the Aloha workshops for second and third generation members in Hawaii, Mother said there are two things second and third generation need to learn as young people. The first thing we want all 2 and 3 generation members to inherit is? [One participant: “Gratitude.”] Yes please stand up! We should have gratitude. Then there is no moment when you don’t feel loved, when you don’t feel Heavenly Parent loving you and caring for you.

The second thing…. Does anyone know? True love. Once you receive it, feel it, receive joy, then multiply it to others. So the second is absolute true love. That is how the youths and students can do it – cultivate a heart of true love, and then in gratitude, share that love with others.

So we need to do hoondokhae. Though that we inherit faith, love and the wisdom of the Word.

Then we take those words and put them into action – tribal messiahship and service. And through that we convey True Parents’ love to the world.

Fourth Question [Atsuomi Yoshioka, Japan, 22 years old]

Now Mother is standing in the front line of the providence and leading us. Please tell us how she has been recently, and I would also like to hear about how it was after Father’s ascension.


Thank you for your question. I will answer with a video called “Goodbye” Mother has experienced may Seonghwas in her life. Not just Father, but also her children, my brothers. Mother is human just like all of us. Mother feels pain, loss and sadness. She misses Father, and she misses those no longer here. We also do. But Mother wastes no time on herself, but every day she offers conditions, goes out to complete the providence, living for the sake of others.
Mother walks; she says “I need to be healthy in order to fulfill Father’s mission.” Mother walks and meditates every day. She is at the forefront, leading our movement, guiding us in how to achieve victory in Heavenly Tribal Messiahship and national restoration. She lives each day of her life with jeongseong and true love, wanting to leave a lasting legacy of peace and go to the spirit world without regret, without leaving anything undone. She does this so that everyone can go to heaven. Let’s all enter her realm of victory.

This is Mother at 75years old. Many are retired by that age or even way before. Mother says she must do everything for her children and must make things right. We should do the same, so let’s inherit that heart, walk in True Parents’ footsteps, and adopt this great tradition of being filial sons and daughters.

Through this video [accompanied by the song “Goodbye”] please inherit True Mother’s heart. When we say goodbye we want to say so with no regret. Please put yourself in these pictures [in the video], inherit True Parents’ heart and walk in their footsteps; and become the true filial sons and daughters True Parents can be proud of.

Recently, the day Mother arrived in Hawaii, the white coffee flowers had just bloomed. Mother said she felt True Father’s love and Heavenly Parent’s love through seeing them. The next morning there was a tremendous thunderstorm and so much rain, and it washed away all the flowers!

While True Parents are here, we—like the flowers—have the chance to bring glory to True Parents. But if we miss the chance, that moment and the blessing can be lost. Be aware that Heavenly Parent is blessing you. When you doubt it, it is not that He has withdrawn His blessing. Heaven really wants love you.


[The final questions from four other participants were addressed as a body of questions and not individually, due to the constraints of time.]

All these questions ask about the connection with truth, and the unity of mind and body. The answer is that Heavenly Parent is within you, within your mind and body. This is what True Parents have shown us. Please do not doubt this. Please keep yourself healthy. Replace doubt with love and forgiveness.

Hoondokhae is good. I also used Yoga. I have been doing Yoga for 15 years. I will lead you in a meditation to strengthen your heart and mind for life’s challenges. I call this the Crown of Glory meditation.

Sun Jin Nim leads the congregation in the meditation, which seeks to help all feel free of the stress and tension that weighs them down and leaves them free to feel God’s presence. One aspect of the meditation was to open participants’ hearts to love people we would not normally pay much attention to. “Your love has the power to change the world,” said Sun Jin Nim. “You are no longer separate from others. By choosing to love, you bring everyone together.”

Another aspect of the meditation sought to help participants overcome a feeling of enmity toward another person:


Sun Jin Nim:
Do not let someone else’s darkness extinguish God’s power in you. Let goodness flow from you heart to this ‘enemy.’ Notice how the image of this person changes as you share deep compassion and divine love. Visualize the change in your heart as you feel able to love your enemy. How when you hug him or her, he or she hugs you back. Feel the healing and forgiveness overcome the darkness, and a golden light of love grow and warm your heart. Notice the difference one’s heart can make when it chooses love over hate. Notice as you invite God’s light and love into your heart, how you glow with light. Under God, and as one unified family, there is no darkness. You are victorious and we are all one. Aju!

Open your eyes and feel God and True Parents’ love fill you with unlimited love. Share a hug with your neighbor!”

As a final gesture of true love, Sun Jin nim then gave out gifts of earrings or necklaces to 6 lady participants, some of whom were had completed lengthy workshops at the Cheongpyeong training center. The session concluded with four very free and enthusiastic cheers of Eok Mansei!

The poem by True Father that inspired the title of Sun Jin Nim’s meditation:

Crown of Glory

When I doubt people, I feel pain.
When I judge people, it is unbearable.
When I hate people, there is no value to my existence.

Yet if I believe, I am deceived.
If I love, I am betrayed.
Suffering and grieving tonight, my head in my hands
Am I wrong?

Yes, I am wrong.
Even though we are deceived, still believe.
Though we are betrayed, still forgive.
Love completely even those who hate you.

Wipe your tears away and welcome with a smile
Those who know nothing but deceit
And those who betray without regret.

Oh Master! The pain of loving!
Look at my hands.
Place your hand on my chest.
My heart is bursting, such agony!

But when I loved those who acted against me
I brought victory.
If you have done the same thing,
I will give you the crown of glory.


Sun Myung Moon

Written at age 15

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  2. Very precious insight in the lives of our True Mother and True Children. How blessed are we walking this earth at this time. We are not just reading history, we are making history, and if we can succeed, God will be eternally grateful. As a member, believer, and follower of True Parents I hope Sun Jin understands we appreciate so much her closeness and support of our only True Mother. Sun Jin, please do your best to keep True Mother happy and alive. The longer she is with us, gives Heavenly Parent the better chance to not only unite Korea, but unite the world. Without her leadership, who will stand up for our God? Who will have the authority to keep the wolves from Heavenly Parents’ children? Sincerely, Bill Christian, Facebook page “Hon Dok Hae Daily.”

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