Peru: True Family Movement Education


Prepared by CARP Peru

From may 23 to 25, 2018 we held true family movement, to bring our True Parents teaching to the sudents here in Mazamari Juinin in Peru. We had lectures for 100 students in 12 diiferent location so we thought true Parents words of life to 1200.

This was the first rally to teach about true family movement here in Peru. It was a blessing for us, to give True Parents’ words about the importance of having true families or God centered families in order to have a true society.

On the last day at the closing ceremony, CARP PERU Mujogun performed dance for the participants.


A participants said: It was a very good event, which helped me to reflect on the discipline to get to create a true family in the future. The importance of purity in our age is the key that give us the power to form ideal families.


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