Paraguay: Educating for a Culture of Peace


Prepared by WFWP Paraguay

On April 24, 2018, WFWP Paraguay together with the Direction of Culture of the Deputy Chamber of the National Congress, hold the Forum called “CHALLENGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY, EDUCATING FOR A CULTURE OF PEACE”

The event started with the Entrance of the New Nominated Peace Ambassadors by the Music of the Military Band from Acosta Ñu. After which the National Anthem was sung.

Mr Enrique Castro, Director of Culture of the National Deputy Chamber, gave the welcoming words.

A video about WFWP Founder and activities was shown after which Mrs Roswitha Giuliano gave the Address “Women´s Rol in Family and Society” highlighting also the importance of the Rural Families and Women.

Prof. Gustavo Giuliano addressed the theme “Martial Arts as a tool to decrease Violence in Schools” followed by Dr Susana Barua, Director of pisciculture of the Vice Ministry of Agriculture and Prof. Michiito Sano, both of them speaking about how to protect the environment through pisciculture.

Special Emissary to Latin America Rev Sung Jong Seo delivered the Peace Ambassadors Certificates to 15 very distinguished People. Among them were Deputy Del Pilar Medina, Vice Minister Esteban Aquino Bernal, Singer Gloria del Paraguay and other very distinguished Men and Women.

Then the Meeting was highlighted with Gloria del Paraguay and her cast who delighted the Audience with wonderful Classical Music followed by Appreciation Words by Deputy Del Pilar Medina and Vice Minister Esteban Aquino Bernal.

The New Ambassadors as well as the Participants were deeply touched by the wonderful environment created at the National Chamber.

Many of the guest and even the Congress employees asked us to do many more events as such.

The entire event was broadcasted live on the National TV Channel, TV Camara, as well as several radio Stations.

Special Thanks to the Director of Culture of the Deputy Chamber, Mr Enrique Castro, Gloria del Paraguay, Special Emisary Rev. Seo, Prof. Gustavo Giuliano, Vice President of WFWP Paraguay Tania Acosta and the CARP members who served as Staff.


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