Paraguay: Ambassador for Peace Education

Prepared by ACLC and WFWP Paraguay

ACLC and WFWP Paraguay held a Special Education Seminar for Peace Ambassadors and Contacts. The event took place at the National Congress, Comuneros Hall, on May 25, 2018 with 80 participants.

The event started with the prayer from the Catholic Priest Father Jorge Ramón Defelice Guillen, of the National Catholic Church of Paraguay.

Then the Director of the Culture Department of the National Congress, Dr. Enrique Castro gave the Welcoming words, mentioning how deeply moved he was by studying the Divine Principles and how happy he is to be able to offer the place for many people to study this deep truth.

Professor Gustavo Giuliano gave a one-hour lecture about: The universal principles, humanities separation from god, the way of restoration and the importance of the blessing.

Don Evaristo Fernandez, president of UPF Paraguay gave an insight about life and work of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han moon.

Then a video about a Rev. Moon´s Autobiography was shown.

After an ACLC introduction Video, Pastor Pedro Acosta, President of ACLC Paraguay, gave the closing remarks. He mentioned about the importance to study Divine Principle and his experiences in Israel during the pilgrimages with Religious leaders. He also explained why it is important to receive the Blessing.

The participants were deeply moved, especially about the Divine Principle and True Parents sacrificial life.


Former Vice Minister of Education, Dr. Oilda Ortega said after the conference: Please, I really want to study deeply the Divine Principle book.

Dr. Manuel Alarcón, University Professor: “I support completely and want to participate actively in all of your activities”.

Many people asked after the lecture how they can study the Divine Principle and become active members of our organization.

We want to thank all those who made the Event successful!

Special thanks to our Heavenly Parents and True Parents!

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