Nepal: Peace Road 2018


by Binod Dangi, UPF Nepal

The atmosphere and the environment suddenly change in our favor. Since Peace Road Activity held in Nepal; Government and it’s official supporting this event.

Universal Peace federation Nepal and Nagarjun Municipality jointly organized the Peace Road 2018 program. Local Government of Nepal Sponsored – The Peace Road 2018 took place at the Municipality of Nagarjun, Kathmandu, Nepal last May 19 2018;

Peace Road-Nepal 2018 chairperson, the former Member of Parliament Hon. Milan K.  Rajbanshi  and it was inaugurated by the Municipal Mayor, Mr. Mohan Bahadur Basnet along with Deputy Mayor, Mrs. Sushila Adhikari and its senior office staffs, The former Minister of State Hon. Parshu Ram Tamang and  Former Member of Parliament Hon. Dor Prasad Upadhay participated in the event. There were 3 MP at the event.

Program took place at government school ground venue wherein cyclist club, Youth Club and several organization gathered. The program started with the special demonstration of 120 Day Tong Il Moo-Do participants and rendition of special song of modern pop singer Ms. Prashna Panday where the attendees enjoy the song that create a good environment to the participants.

Hon. Mohan Bahadur Basnet in his own words during his speech “It’s my pride to host peace road in my area of responsibility and I am very happy to join in this activity. Father Moon’s initiative of Peaceful world cannot realized without a peaceful community and peaceful community need a peaceful family in this regard, I fully support this kind of program for the sake of my community. I hosted this event to bring message of Peace and Reconciliation in the my country.”

Peace activities inspired the mayor and take responsibility for this initiative. The Mayor donated $2,000 for the mobilization and for any other expenditure and the refreshment of the participants. Mayor’s office mobilized its own people to attend in the event.  The municipal host is committing to work with the UPF Nepal and affiliate organization.

The Mayor attended the Asian Leadership Conference in Bangkok, Thailand and was ignited the vision and mission of True Parents.

325 in total attendees participates the event from different sector and run for seven kilometers all the way.



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