Nepal: 20th Anniversary of Buddha’s Blessing of Marriage


BY Shiva Neupane

President of Federation of Asian Religious for World Peace, Seuk IL Jing, son of Mrs. Choi Won Bok visited Nepal for the celebration of 20th Blessing Anniversary of Buddha and Mrs. Choi Won Bok, who sacrifice her life in walking the pass of restoration together with True Parent.

The event took place on May 9, 2018 in Mahobhar Monastery. Ambassador for Peace Ven. Kalsang Lama officially, welcomed and invited his monastery in Kathmandu. He believed True Parent is incarnation of Buddha and his mission us to stablish World Peace. We want to welcome, Mother Choi offering her life for World Peace with Father and Mother Moon.

We love Mrs. Choi and the way she loves Buddha spiritually eternally. That is great things for Nepal and the whole Buddhist World. They joined together celebrating and kept both pictures of Buddha and Mrs. Choi in prayer room at the Monastery for eternally.

This was a historical event in Nepal for the first time.

Thank you True Parent and Mrs. Choi Won Bok blessing to Nepal and Buddhism World.

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