Mozambique: Opening Ceremony for HJ Peace Center

By Paluku Mulekya, FFWPU Mozambique

April 21, 2018

We received a lot of blessing from Heavenly Parents and True Parents recently. We held a special ceremony of the launching of the first stone of the HJ Peace Center construction on April 21, 2018. The event was attended by about 200 people. Participants were from all levels of District Authorities and local community authorities. There were also one MP, church leaders and also traditional leaders (chiefs) at the ceremony. The “Peace” speech was delivered by the MP, who then invited every participant to welcome the HJ Peace Center. “The HJ Peace Center will be the place of harmony peace and development for all Mozambique people” he added.

The ceremony was officiated by Mozambique National Messiahs, Rev. Lee Hwa Bum and Mrs Seo Sun Ja, District representative and the MP (Edmundo Galiza Matos Jr).

Three Traditional Leaders (chiefs) conducted a traditional ritual to ask blessings from the spirit world.

It was a moving ceremony that all participants could feel the true love of our Heavenly Parent, the love of our True Parents.

Rev Lee Hwa Bum introduced the peace vision of our beloved True parents to the audience. Rev Lee expressed his heart, Cheon Soeong and dedication during 22 years since 1996 when he was sent to Mozambique as the National Messiah by our TP. Rev Lee expressed his gratitude to our True Parents, because of them, the long awaited dream of a Peace Center in Mozambique is becoming substantial.

The ceremony began at 9.30. The sun was shining at the time but suddenly the sky became cloudy and protected participants against sun burning. The atmosphere was at its best to conduct the ceremony in open sky.

We were also blessed by our National Messiahs who brought football jerseys to our young football players who dressed for the ceremony.

At the moment of launching the first stone another sign came from the sky; 5 groups of birds composed by an average of 50 each came and hovered just above where the ceremony was taking place. The birds were synchronously and harmoniously moving slowly without leaving the sky above the participants as if they were dancing in a certain choreography as participants sang. They amazed every participant as it was a very rare scene that no one had seen. ‘God is revealing to us that this HJ Peace Center is truly blessed by God,’ commented one participant after seeing those wonders. “This is a sign from God to show that God is here!” another participant commented. Everyone was energetically singing looking at the birds. When participants were moving back to their seats, after the launching of the first stone, the birds slowly moved to another corner of the plot and hovered there for about 20 minutes.

After the launching there was singing and dancing! Participants, including VIPs were dancing was others were singing. Everyone was delighted.

The ceremony ended at 11:30 with cheers of Eok Mansei!


April 22, 2018

After knowing that Rev Lee Hwa and Mrs Sun Ja were in Mozambique, the representative of MP’s delegation who had previously attended UPF events in Korea and Senegal immediately invited them for a lunch on 22 April. They specifically wanted to have lunch with our National Messiahs as ‘payback’ (in a good way) for Rev Lee Hwa & Mrs Sun Ja ‘stuffing’ them with good food while they were in Korea. Three MP’s attended the meeting (Ana Rita, Edmundo Galiza Matos and Antonio Niquice) together with our National Messiahs, National Leader and 2 members.

During the lunch, there were discussions about IAPP launching, once again the MP’s committed to launching IAPP in Mozambique Parliament and advised us on the steps that need to be taken to legally register IAPP and work as an autonomous body within the Parliament. Ana Rita (a parliamentarian who has been in the Parliament for the past 25 years) is a member of the Standing Committee at the Parliament, she setup a small committee as a task force composed of the other two MP’s and ourselves to quickly move with IAPP registration.

MP’s showed interest in knowing more about UPF and WFWP visions and activities. Ana Rita mentioned that she intends to visit WFWP school in Mozambique. Antonio Niquice has then setup a visit to UPF national headquarters to know more about UPF vision.

Rev. Lee Hwa and Mrs Sun Ja offered HDK books and a few tokens of appreciation to the MP’s.

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