Middle East: Hyo Jeong Center

Prepared by FFWPU Middle East

As the new season of summer is approaching we feel we are entering a new season in our movement.

After the Vienna event the members kept a high spirit and went witnessing every day, trying to find the chosen people who could make changes in the providence of Turkey and the Middle East. Every day we had several new guests coming to the introduction lectures and recently an average of more than 10 people is attending our cultural events and some of them are ready to attend the Divine Principle workshop.

Today two MEYE Japanese members are going to Jerusalem to focus on Witnessing and help to open the new Hyo Jeong Center and another two are going to Beirut for the same purpose. There is a lot of hope and our members are so inspired. Finally, the spirit of Witnessing is taking place in the Middle East.

We are so grateful to the Albanian National Leader that could send 3 Albanians to work with us for a period of 2 months in Turkey. We just finished a 7 days workshop and they are so inspired to work with our MEYE members. In the line below, you can read their reflections.

Juljan Bradasheshi: The lectures helped me personally on understanding more of the Providence on Middle East and how much God and True Parents are waiting for all this nations. I felt very grateful and all the lectures we received were intertwined with personal experiences by people who settled the foundation in this region. I am very moved by the love the lecturers had for this region that made them forget of their personal life for the sake of God. Since the first moment I came in Turkey I felt like in home and adapting was easy. In this time of investing I felt deep inside that we can work with all young people here, all we need is will and desire to do it. I am very happy for all the meetings we had because it brought more harmony and joy to all of us. I feel very positive and more than ever I feel that I can find 3 spiritual children here. I really like the place and the people and I feel like I lived here for a long time. I started to understand more of what it meant to be one family under God and why True Parents words can surpass all nations and religions.

Elisjana Mustafaj: As soon as I entered in Turkey I felt like I was going home. I was very comfortable and I got the feeling that I was going to the place I was meant to be and doing what I was meant to do. It gave me great inspiration because sometimes it is very hard for me to have such feelings for a place that I never went to. We had a special workshop with Mr & Mrs Angelucci and Mr Yamazaki. I was, and still am, very moved by their heart of attendance to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Going through the lectures made me feel closer to the Providential history of Middle East. I am deeply grateful for all the things they shared with us. I was able to feel more the urge of outreaching to people. I felt like all the ancestors of all this people are longing for True Parents. Having that on my mind I was able to break through my concepts of witnessing. One of the people I approached came the other day, and started to come every day. In the beginning I didn’t know how to teach him or take care of him, but through prayer and guidance of elders I felt that the best thing I can do is offer him to God and also let myself free from all the things that are blocking me, I only need to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. From that day on it has been easier to talk to him and give little guidance. I feel really blessed to be here and through this new experience I am breaking many of my concepts. Thank you!

Xhesika Bako: I am so grateful to be part of MEYE program. First of all I never thought about and understood the importance of this region. Before coming here, I thought it would just be another training period for our team, and a new experience for me, but now I want to invest more for this region’s sake and the people here rather than just have a new experience for myself. I am really grateful to have Mr. and Ms. Angelucci and Mr. Yamazaki teach us more about the providence in Middle East and share their personal experiences here. They really gave a clear example how serious our investment must be, and that we should truly love this mission and be willing to do whatever is necessary to fulfill God’s providence. I feel sorry for not knowing before about Middle East; how much God longs for these people how much His heart is suffering and hurting. I can now also understand and relate to True Mother’s heart and the urge True Mother has to save all the people in the world. Now I want to do all my best and invest all I have so that we can put a good foundation for this region, and somehow console and liberate God’s sorrowful heart for not having the chance to be close to His children here. I feel now even more that we are God’s hope and how much God wants us to become pure so we can freely convey His love to people. The time that we could invest and witness with other MEYE members was also a very good time. I could feel that God has been preparing all of us to be together in this time and invest for the same purpose. I am happy we could make a heart connection with each other and in this way we can connect all the countries together through our investment. I am grateful to be here, and I want to invest unconditionally and do all my best to build Cheon Il Guk in Middle East.

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