Italy: International Peace Festival

Prepared by UPF Italy

In the frame of the village of Capaci (Palermo) on May 19th, 2018 the “International Festival for Peace” took place: a whole day dedicated to planting the seed of a culture dedicated to building peace and harmony. “IASA for Peace” International Academy of Sport and Art for Peace in collaboration with “UPF Italia” International Federation for Peace, the magazine “Voices of Peace”, WFWP Federation of Women for Peace and FFPMU Federation of Families for Peace World and Unification have collaborated to organize this special day.

Three were the key moments: the Peace Road, a march for peace, held in Capaci in the area adjacent to the municipal park with the participation of some elementary and middle schools students, the Scout group of Capaci, the Mosaicando youth association with the presence of the Mayor of Capaci, Dr. Napoli and representatives of the organizing associations, as well as a good presence of citizens. The march ended at the foot of a tree chosen by the students to be consecrated as “Tree of Peace” , as second stage of the day; a short interreligious prayer ceremony consecrated water as a symbol of life that was then poured on the roots of the tree by the students themselves. Messages and songs of peace accompanied the laying of the Tree of Peace at the foot of which will be placed a plate already prepared that will commemorate this celebration.

The third moment took place at the Hotel Saracen in Capaci. The Festival for Peace was aired in the presence of a large audience of about 500 participants. The various organizing associations presented their activities and initiatives dedicated to the construction of a culture of peace: Vincenzo Lipari and Rosa Giusi Russo for IASA for Peace, Carlo Zonato for UPF, Giuseppe Calì for FFPMU, Elisabetta Nistri for WFWP; very touching the moment dedicated to the request for forgiveness and embrace between the president UPF Israel of Jewish origin Hod Ben Zvi and Vincenzo Lipari, for the ordeals suffered by the Jewish people. All intercalated by a show of music, songs and ballets offered by the group of students of the “Biagio Siciliano” middle school, by the “Mosaicando” association, by the artist Gino Carista and by the artistic group of IASA.

IASA also offered, during the event, special recognition to the various associations and people who have distinguished themselves in their work for peace: among them the Consul of the Republic of Congo Christelle Ollandet, the judge Gaetano Perrotta representative of the Albanian State, the gold medal for civil worth Ermenegildo Rossi, the Paraolympic champion Marcella Li Brizzi.

In the conclusion session, Mr. Vincenzo Lipari and his wife Rosa Giusi Russo in charge of IASA were awarded the recognition as Ambassadors of Peace by the UPF International Federation for Peace and the WFWP Federation of Women for Peace because of their constant commitment to promote culture of peace through sport, art and music dedicated and organized in particular to the training of young people.

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