Italy: Cosmic Interreligious Blessing for Peace

By Sergio Coscia, FFWPU Italy

The second Family and True Love Festival in the Torino Metropolitan Area in 2018 was organized in Collegno on May 20, 2018. We were invited to host the Festival, including a Cosmic and Interreligious Blessing Ceremony, by Luigi and Kazue Ventura, who were appointed as officiators for this special event in their hometown. It was truly a festive moment, and music and songs introducing the event paved the way to the Blessing Ceremony, the highlight of the day. The newly-blessed couples were very inspired and happy, and several guests asked to keep in touch, expressing sincere interest in the founding vision of the Family Federation, brought by our founders, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and Dr. Hak Ja Han.

Ignazio Cabras, from the national FFWPU, with his usual insight and deep heart, gave a speech explaining the value of the Cosmic Blessing, and Patrizia and Franz Kerschbaummayr, from the National Blessed Family Department, shared about our programs to support couples and families.

The songs, by professional and amateur singers, were touching and energizing, and writer Gabriela De Portillo read deep poems by Italian contemporary writers. After a moment of folk group dances that brought together all the presents involved, the program ended with a loud and heartfelt Mansei cheer!

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