Italy: An IAPP Member shares His Experiences

Senator Roberto Rampi shares his Experiences at a FFPWU-Milano and UPF Monza Gathering


By Renato Vallone, UPF Italy

Promoted by FFWPU-Milan and the UPF chapter of Monza (a city located in the hinterland of Milan), a meeting was held on Sunday the 13th of May with Senator Roberto Rampi, who has attended several international meetings organized by UPF, IAPP and WFWP.

The meeting started with a video of the song Every Praise and we immediately “found” ourselves in the Wiener Standt Halle, clapping our hands and singing in the spirit of the Peace Start with Me event. Adosco Comito, pastor of Bergamo community, also present at the event in good number, offered the initial prayer. Carlo Chierico, president of UPF di Monza, as well as UPF national vice-president, in the role of MC, presented the contents of the day and introduced the senator and philosopher Roberto Rampi, who was greeted by a very warm applause of welcome from the large audience present.

The Senator Rampi, among the founding members of IAPP in Italy, spoke very enthusiastically conveying to all those present his heartfelt engagement in the various meetings he participated to. Starting from the first one on September 2014, when he attended the convention” Education to Pace” organized by UPF Monza, ‘till the last, very recent one in Wien with True Mother, also passing through the experiences in Seoul, London and other events. His testimony impressed those who were present for the enormous value he attributes to the work for dialogue and world peace carried forward by True Mother through the numerous organizations founded.

Senator Rampi expressed his gratitude to UPF for having given him the opportunity to be present in these international meetings, where he was able to meet and make friends with parliamentarians and prominent figures of the religious community and the civil society coming from around the world for the sake of universal peace. Moreover, he emphasized that this work has to spread and can be well carried forward in every nation by those who are elected representatives of the people, namely the parliamentarians. He sees the dialogue with other political parties as an opportunity for general improvement and promotes UPF vision also towards politicians of other parties.

Furthermore, he highly valued the precious work of Women, attributing to them a fundamental role in the process of reconciliation.

There were many questions addressed to senator Rampi and he answered them with the great sincerity and passion which animates him, sharing many personal experiences that generated in the audience a strong sense of hope for the concretization of the vision of going beyond the logics of divisions in politics.

Then senator Rampi briefly presented his book “Omicidio a Montecitorio”, a short but intense novel set in the 1940s and having as its protagonist Sherlock Holmes; a rather enjoyable book to Pres. Carlo Chierico, senator Roberto Rampi and pastor Renato Vallone read, and of which he then signed dedications to the many participants who asked a copy.

Afterwards, referring to the concept of politics shared by the senator Rampi, viewed as an active expression of the culture of service to citizens, Renato Vallone, pastor of the local community, illustrated briefly the basic concept of his website (“love your work”), a spiritual vision of work and of the related corporate social responsibility based on the figure of the principle-knowledge-worker champion, catalyst of creativity and of character development and promoter of the culture of service and of excellence through the implementation of spiritual intelligence (S.I.) , which is innate in every person. With reference to the Unification Thought, pastor Renato Vallone mentioned the S.I. spherical model of systemic development based on the multiplicative interrelation of the four (inner and outer) types of different types of four position foundations.

In a time of great global interconnectedness and opportunities, leaders in all areas of human endeavors are called to a profound reflection on the applied logics of governance and on the results that those choices are generating; it is necessary to invest in a model that promotes the benefits of a creative cooperation with widespread responsibility through the application of spiritual intelligence, which is based on heart and on the related principles. True love – to live for the sake of others – is the “unit of measure” of work; and principles, being absolute, are the necessary logic to a sustainable systemic development and to the great general prosperity that can result on this foundation. The “love your inner and outer work” logic is the personal spiritual dimension of social transformation; we bring it with us in any workplace we go and based on this the world of happiness, as it is shown by True Parent’s the vision of peace and unification, is manifested.

The morning, much appreciated by all those present, ended with the sharing in joy and friendship of a rich buffet prepared by the participating families.

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