Albania: A Visit to Support Heavenly Tribal Messiah Providence


Prepared by FFWPU Albania

Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, the first Heavenly Tribal Victor in the world, visited Albania, to share with and support Albanian blessed families and leaders to move forward the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Providence in Albania.

Dr. Lek arrived on May 24th afternoon in Tirana and was briefed about the providence in Albanian HQ by Rev. Gi Young Shin – Special Envoy to Albania and the National Leader.

Next day, on May 25th, Dr. Lek met with all community leaders of Albania at the Training Center where a DP seminar for new guests was going on already.

The meeting started at 10.00 and continued until 18.00. After listening to those leaders who already started the Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities in their cities, Dr. Lek shared deeply about the importance of HTM providence at this time in history and also explained how they succeeded in Thailand and how the world now can inherit what was already accomplished by Dr. Lek & Thai blessed families. Besides Dr. Lek’s explanation and practical guidance, there were also time for questions and answers.

Leaders were very happy to have this opportunity to meet Dr. Lek in person and receive guidance from him about HTM providence. Here are some of their reflections:

“I was a very good feeling when I heard that Dr. Lek will visit Albania. When we started meeting leaders in Mullet, he was sharing about the importance of the Heavenly Tribal Messiahs…While he was sharing, something that really moved me was when Dr. Lek said that True Parents really love so much Albania. Those words made me reflect deeply, because the True Parents are sending us many people at this time to support us and help us grow. I hope with all my heart that we will not disappoint True Parents and make everything possible to bring joy and victory to them…”

“I am so grateful that Dr. Lek came to Albania and he told us about the biggest responsibility that we need to fulfill at this time, the Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission. When he was sharing and giving guidance to us, I felt hope and inspiration to breakthrough and to start doing my mission and fulfill my responsibility…”

“I liked very much the meeting with Dr. Lek, and I was inspired by the work that is done in Thailand. I felt that God and the spiritual world are working in this direction, so we have to find ways how to make this real in our nation too. I was moved by the love and care True Mother has for Albania, transmitted from Dr. Lek, and I hope we will meet Her expectations and bring victory for Vision 2020…”

”… was interesting to me was that True Mother asked for Dr. Lek to come and share his experience in our nation. Me and my wife have thought to start the Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission even before this meeting, but our financial situation is not so good.  Still, the fact that True Mother is so serious about this, we will do our best to fulfil it…”

“The meeting with Dr. Lek was really nice. Since I get to know on 2013 that Dr. Lek was the first one who completed Heavenly Tribal Messiah I had an internal desire to meet him. It was really good that he came to Albania and we could have a meeting with him. The experience that he shared with us was really inspiring. I could learn more practically how to behave in certain situations that we may have with blessing ceremonies. Really good lessons from him…”

“Besides the update we got from Dr. Lek, me personally could reflect about the time I had in Thailand. Also Dr. Lek could refresh True Mother’s guidance on Tribal Messiahship. I felt very blessed of having the opportunity to hear the testimony that Heavenly Tribal Messiahship is possible; the only thing you have to do is to have faith in Heavenly Parent and have a determined heart and mind…”

On the afternoon, Dr. Lek had a meeting with key Ambassadors for Peace, members of Albanian UPF Presiding Council. The meeting took place at the Peace Embassy and Dr. Lek shared with them the vision of True Parents and how we can work together to bring hope to this troubled world under the leadership of True Mother at this time.

On May 26th, with the initiative of chairman of UPF Albania Hon. Apostoli, an event to establish a Local Peace Council of UPF in Kruja city was organized in a very short time. The event took place in the main hotel of the city and around 70 people attended. At the end 20 AfP were appointed and the leadership of the New Peace Council was elected. Top VIPs and intellectuals of the city were part of the event and even the most famous artistic group of the city, The Elders of Kruja, were part of it and performed for us.

On May 27th Dr. Lek gave the Sunday Sermon to the Tirana community in the HQ. Quite some brothers and sisters had come also from other cities to listen to Dr. Lek. Dr. Lek gave a very profound message on the Significance of 5th Anniversary of Foundation Day and Marching Forward to Realization of Vision 2020.

On the afternoon Dr. Lek met with blessed families, mostly from Tirana community and few from other cities, who were interested to hear about the Heavenly Tribal Messiah and get some insights how to start and succeed and unite with True Mother’s direction at this time. It was a very active meeting, with questions and answers and important realizations on the side of blessed families who now feel more confident to start HTM.

Here are few reflections from blessed families who attended the meeting with Dr. Lek:

“During the Sunday Service I felt so much gratitude for the fact that Dr. Lek came to Albania and gave the Sunday Sermon. I was reflecting so much about the HTM mission and responsibility and am still reflecting. Actually I’ve been thinking a lot about it because of many difficulties I have because of the environment, but I understood that all difficulties come mostly from me. By looking at True Parents’ lives, they just shared their heart with all humanity without thinking of the external environment. Their heart is absolute and I have to inherit such heart… What I understood was that I have to connect with their heart and make it substantial in any circumstances or any environment I may be…”

“The meeting of Dr. Lek with blessed families was an important meeting with very practical guidance about Heavenly Tribal Messiahs Mission. Even though we have started HTM activities in Albania, many blessed families did not join yet. This meeting encouraged everyone to start planning something…”

“After meeting with Dr. Lek, I feel more confident and determined to start HTM activities. I will discuss with my city leader and make a plan together. We will never be ready to start if we are looking to have everything in order. I have to believe spirit world is there ready to work with me and Heavenly Parent will guide me…”

On May 28th Dr. Lek visited the CIG missionaries who were having a workshop at the Training Center with Rev. Shin and shared some joyful time together, enjoying Albanian traditional food.

On the afternoon Dr. Lek met with young members of Tirana center where he shared his life testimony in how he joined and how his life was an offering to Heavenly Parent and as a result great blessings came to his life and to others though him.

Here are few testimonies from young members who attended that heartistic meeting:

“The meeting of Dr. Lek with blessed families was an important meeting with very practical guidance about Heavenly Tribal Messiahs Mission. Even though we have started HTM activities in Albania, many blessed families did not join yet. This meeting encouraged everyone to start planning something…”

“First of all I want to express deep inside my heart the gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True Parents that made it possible that Dr.L ek could come in Albania and that I could hear his speech two times, in the Sunday Service and Tirana Center members’ meeting… For me hearing Dr. Lek’s speech and testimony was life giving and mind-blowing. For me his life was a living testimony of how substantial and practical is the Principle and what was even more special it was in the national point of view. I am so grateful to Heavenly Parent, because every time in my life when I am struggling to take very important decisions about life of faith I have the opportunity to hear life testimonies, how our life lies so well inside the Divine Principle and to understand that how much we are connected with each-other as individuals, families and nations all around the world. I could feel so much the importance of True Parents and their love for us, and for me especially, because I have Divine Principle and True Mother is here on Earth. And I could feel that this was a gift from True Parents. I could feel so much throw Dr. Lek’s words that nation is so important for God and it was like True Parents are showing to us their desire and plan for us…”

” The meeting with Dr. Lek was a really precious experience for me. My mother comes from Thailand and for me this was the first time hearing about the story of how the movement started and developed there. Step by step while he was showing pictures of the first activities that were held a long time ago, I could just think about my mother, in that period being witnessed and offering with sincere devotion years of her life for the sake of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I think, Dr. Lek just by giving his testimony, could give hope and make people more determined to fulfill Tribal Messiahship. By showing how through hard work, absolute faith and motivation of never giving up, with God and True Parents watching our back we can really achieve unbelievable results. Maybe I ́m just deeply moved in my emotions for the connection I feel through my mother but no matter what I believe Dr. Lek is a role model that we should all look up to. He completely took responsibility of the mission True Parents gave us to accomplish becoming Tribal Messiahs. By sharing with us how the movement in Thailand has developed and is still growing personally made me realize how in this time we really cannot back off and delay even more our responsibilities. At the end of the meeting I was simply left with sincere gratitude, because thanks to him my mother could be witnessed. She could find the Truth, dedicate her life for God and True Parents, allowing me to be here today following my parent’s footsteps. It clearly gave me direction about what I should focus on more in the future and now I’ve have the answer I’ve been looking for. It was a unique, unexpected experience which I will never forget…”

“Meeting the first Heavenly Tribal Messiah Victor from Thailand, Dr. Lek, was such an amazing experience for me. I am young and maybe I can’t feel True Parents too much in my heart, I can’t feel their words, pain and happiness that they express, their past, but I try to see and feel through these experiences… and it’s such a blessing. Dr. Lek fought so much for True Parents and Heavenly Parent, for the nation, family, everything and always acted and never gave up… His goals were clear, he knew what to do and he did it. It’s amazing how can someone climb and fall down and then climb again from the beginning without turning back. During his mission in Thailand, he was in prison with his wife and also after that he didn’t surrender and chose to fight Satan back and made him surrender. Just like True Father and he is a model to follow in my life. I am really thankful to him and to Heavenly Parent and True Parent for bringing him here in Albania…”

We are very grateful to the International HQ for sending Dr. Lek to Albania and we are grateful to Dr. Lek for his tireless investment during his time in Albania to convey totally his heart and the heart of True Mother for the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Providence. We are determined to develop the HTM providence in many cities in Albania and bring victory for Vision 2020!

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