Haiti: A New Start for the Youth


Prepared FFWPU Haiti

We invited youth leader and Cheon Il Guk missionaries from the neighboring Dominican Republic to hold the Exchange Meeting with CARP Dominican Republic and Train Haitian Youth Leaders, which was successfully done in Haiti headquarters on May 12th,2018. We had 30 participants.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic are the same island but divided countries, with different languages and cultures. So the purpose of workshop included aiming for friendship and progress between Haiti and Dominican Republic through exchange meeting of youth members.

Through a presentation given by a young leader from the Dominican Republic who has experience of CARP activities, our youth were able to learn about different type of activities, evangelism methods, ways of fundraising etc.

Also during the Question-Answer, participants got lot of ideas for own activities. That is why, the Haitian participants were extremely excited and motivated.

At the end of the event, our youth were sharing their feeling and desire to work for advancing youth activities in Haiti with a deep sense of responsibility.

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