Germany: Family Festival


“Oasis of Love Christian Ministry” Church, Nuremberg, Germany, May 13, 2018

By Elisabeth Heil, FFWPU Germany

Our Japanese sister Satoe Lunz first established connections with this church over ten years ago. We have very special memories of the many performances which their choir has given to support our activities – UPF seminars and events hosted by the Nuremberg community as well as most recently in Vienna at the „Peace starts with me’’ festival.

On Sunday we could truly experience an “Oasis of Love” with African culture and the Christian faith. It all started with much song and dance and a Bible study. The women from our Women’s Federation performed three wonderful dances.

Pastor Laura delivered a sermon about the family which was a good introduction to the Blessing ceremony, which was then conducted by Dieter and Ana Schmidt and enthusiastically received by all. Our shared goal is to establish good families centered on God.

The tables stood prepared in another room for the buffet of tasty African dishes which we enjoyed together.

What a blessed day, and one which we will not easily forget! The warm- heartedness of the Afri-cans was soothing for our souls. We would like to express profound gratitude to all who helped with the preparations.

And special thanks go to Satoe Lunz for her great investment and efforts, and naturally, to True Parents who established the foundation for this activity. We are inspired to hold further Blessings for our Tribal Messiah mission; this was the beginning and we still have much to do before 2020!!

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