Gabon: Seminar for Christian Pastors


Prepared by FFWPU Gabon

on the first of May 2018, at the FFWPU center in Gabon, Christian church leaders were invited by members in order to convey to them True Parents’ vision and mission.

32 leaders representing 12 Christian churches responded to the call. The gathering started by the entertainment of invitees by the young choir form for that purpose.

The theme of the day was “Rebuilding the Family is restoring the Nation for world peace (IDEAL FAMILY IS THE SCHOOL OF LOVE)”; National leader, Rev AMBIANA Joseph, guided them through Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ Heart that desire to establish the Heavenly Kingdom. He explained how Heavenly Parent wanted and wants even today to establish His Kingdom with the family as the starting point and that is True Parents’ mission. following there were videos projection of True Parents activities. at the end, the national leader challenged all the bishops, pastors to receive the anointing of True Parents by receiving the blessing so they can spray it in their communities to bring revival

One prophet stood up and said, after the lecture, “I want to speak on behalf of many of us. Today, I heard and I saw by myself. I understand now that I was very much mislead about Rev. Moon. I came here with a mindset as many of us, but I am going back with the feeling that this is the message every one of us need to guide the people we are in charge of. Thank you very much!”

the meting ended by sharing traditional meal prepared for the occasion, around the temple in construction

4 of those leaders are now under blessing education to prepare them to be blessed at the end of our first national 40 days reading, fasting and prayer condition for national restoration. we expect more candidates to be added.

Thanks to Heavenly Parent and True Parents and that they will accept this as our humble offering

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