France: One Day Workshop

By Yves Massey, FFWPU France

In the Paris Education Center, we have regular programs, cultural, spiritual, and Divine Principle lectures. We have many guests coming, some attending since longtime. So, we decided to organize this summer a 7 days workshop to really push these guests further in understanding True Parents and renew the faith of older brothers and sisters.

And we decided to have a one-day workshop each month, in May and June, in preparation for that. Our one day workshop on May 26, 2018 was the first one. There will be another one the 30th of June. This time we had two lecturers, Didier Guignard and Claudine Decamps and we had 18 participnts. And as we focused the day on one chapter of the Principle, we could go deeper in it and there was time for questions and discussions; it was inspiring for all.

Finally, 4 guests signed FFWPU membership (one lady who came “pushed” by the spiritual world was already UPF member; she came for a UPF conference which is planned for next week!)

We still must do better, but that is an advance to build upon.


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