France: Forum of Ploudaniel 2018


Prepared by FFWPU France

Since 28 years the “Forum of Ploudaniel” is organized in May in the small city of Ploudaniel (Brittany – West of France) with the aim to create connections between different cultures and farming communities. This time, the event took place on May 18-19, 2018.

This year it had over 160 stands and presented 10 or more nations, had over 20.000 visitors during the weekend.

The nation of honor was Thailand and, thanks to Chattiboot Babi, the National leader of Andorra, the Ambassador of Thailand came to Ploudaniel to open the event.

The Andorran stand was kept by several 2nd gen. Sam Colleter and his wife Nyan, Francesco Colleter and his wife Maria, Patrick Jouan and Hajrendin Guri from Albania.

With the help of Patrick Jouan (vice-president of UPF France), the chief assistant to the mayor of Gorée Island in Senegal, Mr. Diop, made a great effort to come to the event and was well received.

The event itself had a big impact on the Thai Embassy. We found a large number of Thai people live in the region. We were able to make many good contacts.

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