France: A Japanese Cultural Event


Prepared by WFWP France

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, a Japanese Cultural afternoon was organized at the Paris Education Center, Espace Barrault.

The overall theme was “the family” as the General Assembly decided that 15 May of each year would mark the “International Day of Families”.

We began with a few words of welcome from Mr. Moulinet (representing the Family Federation for World Peace) and Ms. Wada (representing the Women’s Federation for World Peace).

A choir performed three Japanese songs.

A big thank you to Catrine, a guest who is very enthusiastic for our activities who was MC and who presented very well the Japanese traditions for the great moments of life.

Then there were origami and calligraphy demonstrations.

The afternoon ended with a Japanese snack and several songs presented by Mr. Wada.

Despite the weekend and the transportation strike, several new guests came and were very interested.

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