DR Congo: Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival Continue


By Paulin Lukali Lumbete, Atelier le Palmier / FFWPU DR Congo

During the two days on May 19 and 20, 2018, we organized interfaith blessings festival for peace and blessed 201 couples respectively, in Kinshasa 3 couples, and in the village of LUILA, Kasangulu territory in Central Kongo, 198 couples.

Among the blessed couples in Kinshasa at the headquarters of the Atelier le Palmier ongd, there was a couple of a Pastor who are determined to follow every Saturday the teaching of the Divine Principle and to respect the whole process of blessing. Among the 198 couples blessed in LUILA, there are 1 head of community and 5 heads of villages who are determined to mobilize their people to participate in the next blessing festival.

With the completion of 201 couples blessing, we now have the 3rd victorious Tribal Heavenly Messiah, the KIBUNGI MANUNGA Jean Renaud family, who has just completed 430 couples.

The next candidate will be the MPOYI MPIMPI Marcel family. They already fulfilled the education and blessing of 126 couples.

Our mobilization continues…

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