Dominican Republic: Hyeojeong CARP Seminar


Prepared by FFWPU Dominican Republic

This 28th-29th of April, CARP conducted Hyeongjeong Seminar to teach Divine Principle at FFWPU headquarters led by Lic. Jake Lavina Youth Special Envoy of Dominican Republic. There are 41 university students and CARP members including the 7 Divine Principle Participants who participated in this workshop. The two workshops were conducted simultaneously.

The Divine Principle Workshop is for the new members who didn’t finish receiving divine principle lectures, while the Hyeongjeong Workshop is for all the CARP members who finished receiving the Divine Principle Workshop. The goal of this workshop is to educate our young members to have a strong vertical alignment to God and True Parents by understanding the life of a filial piety. Rev. Lai and Sr. Tony (DP Lecturer of CARP) gave the DP lectures to the new participants.

They are happy to know the principle and they are very determined to continue studying the Divine Principle. Rev. Belliard the National Leader of Dominican Republic gave a lecture about the life of faith, life of attendance and Cain and Abel Relationship. Through this seminar, the participants understand more deeply how to live a God-centered way of life.

Everyone is happy to be part of this workshop and they are very excited to apply the things that they have learned during this 2-day seminar. We do believe that this workshop will truly help our young generation to understand the principled way of life and totally become true sons and daughters of God and True Parents.

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