Dominican Republic: 6th Interreligious Peace Blessing Festival


by Leonidas Belliard, FFWPU Dominican republic

Following our heavenly goal and vision as strategy nation, led by Rev. Hong & Mrs. Hong, our special envoy, we held the 6th international peace blessing festival for Haitian community who are living in Dominican Republic.

On Saturday 19th of May, we had 125 participants who gathered at our training center in Bonao’s Farm to receive the precious teaching of True Parent. Overcoming the challenges of heavy rain, crossing the river on foot and walking 500 meters toward a high mountain, they reached the holy place of our training center. And there, they have listened to the Divine Principle lectures, as well as lectures on the meaning of blessing and True Parent’s live course.

Among the participants, half of them were churches’ pastors with their wife’s, a total of 32 couples who received the holy blessing marriage from our True Parent.

Program began with the opening prayer by pastor Paul followed by CARP performance. Mrs. Tamara Gomez, a second generation and CARP board member, served as the MC. The welcoming words were given by Mr. Leonidas Belliard, national leader. After that we had greeting words by Haitian pastor, Mr. Jim, who is the main organizer of the mobilization of that Haitian community. Mr. Cesar Regalado, general secretary of UPF, was the main lecturer. Rev. Hong had the third lecture base on “Importance and Value of marriage”.

The second part of the program was Holy Blessing Ceremony. At the blessing ceremony, Mr. Leonidas Belliard was the MC and Rev. Hong’s couple were the officiators of the blessing. After a video presentation about the blessing ceremonies done in our nation in the past, participants realized the deep meaning and the beauty of the blessing.

All the couples follow well all steps of the ceremony, including indemnity stick ceremony.

Even though few of them felt a little bit strange, but most of them enjoyed the blessing ceremony. We are looking to encourage them to organize similar event for their followers in their own churches, so it would be easier to follow up the education program for them.

The heavy rain during entire process of blessing ceremony did not avoid the solemnity of the event but it gave us hard time to cross back the river. That is why we had to wait until river become calm and everybody lined up in the rope to walk to the other side.

It was really a heavenly blessing in all sense they experienced this time.

All members in Dominican Republic are doing their best to organize their own Peace Blessing Festival in their own local area and bring happiness and victory to True Parent, preparing this nation to be victorious in stablishing Cheon Il Guk by the 2020.


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