Dominican Republic: 4th Interreligious Peace & Blessing Festival


by Tamara Gomez, FFWPU Dominican Republic

On Sunday, April 29, 2018, the Gómez Yamaguchi family carried out their first tribal activity of HTM with an inter-religious festival of peace for the Re-dedication and marriage blessing in the Farm Harmony and Peace of Piedra Blanca. This activity had a participation of 13 couples of which 4 couples were invited from the Belliard Okazaki family. 20 people also participated, including young and old and 28 members of the family federation for a total of 74 participants.

The festival was held successfully despite some inconveniences, we had the special participation of the local major who gave a few words at the beginning of the event, he also accompanied us with the words of welcome our president of the federation of families, Lic. Leonidas Belliard, and with a few words of congratulations to the couples our special envoy the Reverend Dae He Hong and his wife.

The participants were very attentive and receptive to the conference “Model for Ideal Couple & Family” given by Lic. Cesar Regalado and they participated with great motivation of the blessing ceremony until completing the ceremony of Indemnity Stick ceremony. All of them were very positive, especially the local mayor who expressed that he wants to make another similar event with his family, friends and close relatives. As well as Professor Brunilda, one of the participants, also expressed that she wants to motivate her family and friends for the next event. This activity concluded with a joint lunch and sharing the cake celebrating the blessing.

The Gómez Yamaguchi family is planning to follow up the couples until they complete the 40-day ceremony and then the 3-day ceremony. One of the participating couple started the 40-day separation period immediately the next day. Our family is committed to follow up process of separation period for every couple until they complete the 3-days ceremony.

We want to thank our heavenly father-mother, the true parents, the good spiritual world, our leaders and all the blessed families for their dedication and support to make this festival a success.

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