Czech Republic: Service project – On the way to become True Owner

Prepared by CARP Czech Republic

On May 11, 2018, we with YSP and UPA cadets took an opportunity to support local NGO that is for a long time protecting one of natural parks in Prague called Prokopské valley. This NGO is called “Society for protection of Prokopské valley”, it is managed by one very devoted family and CARP CZ has cooperated with them since many years ago.

Prokopské valley is very broad beautiful area where you can find many natural places that are very unique as regards its flora and fauna and need protection. It is also in many ways very historical place full of stories and myths. Therefore, we were happy to help at least little bit in maintaining some parts of this place and supporting Mr. Matoušek and his family.

In the past CARP CZ already organized similar service projects and it was always very inspiring experience. Not only because of the good feeling from doing something good and useful, but also to meet, talk and learn from people who are volunteering nearly whole their life for such a public purpose and protection of such a beautiful and precious place. We were big group of around 20 people.

After short introduction about the history and character of the place from Mr. Matoušek and handing out necessary tools we divided into smaller working teams. We were given many challenging tasks like building wooden camel as a climbing toy for children, cutting stakes for wooden natural fence, covering roof of stable with foil and many others. All the task were managed well, the whole event was very successful and overall atmosphere was very nice.

We all took home not only nice experience, but also strong feeling that we could do something good for nature and society and want to continue in it. We also learned a lot especially that it is pretty hard work to be true owner and take care of nature in proper way but it is totally worth it!

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