Cambodia: Seminar on True Value Family

Prepared by FFWPU Cambodia

On May 12, 2018, FFWPU-Cambodia conducted a half-day seminar with around 100 participants, on the theme of “Family as the school of love and peace” in a pagoda named “Wat Tob”, which located in a village of Tropang Pring Commune, Teuk Chhu District of Kampot Province.

The purpose of the program was to educate the people “the true value of family”, and through this, to mobilize them to join the Hyojeong CheongPyeong event in Battambang on 28-29, May, 2018.

In the program, Mr. Pheav Hang (Director of Kampot branch for FFWPU-Cambodia) served as the MC. Mr. Chamreoun Sophal (President of FFWPU-Cambodia) presented “Family as the school of love and peace”. Dr. Tang Kimsruy (Chief of Staff for FFWPU-Cambodia) presented “True Family Value as the foundation for true happiness”. In addition, Mrs. Nget Soseng (Deputy Governor of Teuk Chhu District) gave the welcome remarks, and Mr. Som Bich (Director of Tropang Pring Commune) gave the closing remarks.

In the program, also we showed the video of HJ Cheon Won Project, and video about Chanyang Yeoksa, also explained about the Hyojeong Wish Fulfilment Papers. The whole program went smoothly, and the atmosphere was good. We wish this could become the condition for the whole nation together to welcome the Hyojeong CheongPyeong Event to Cambodia.

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