Benin: Pollution Control Project – Loving the Nature

Prepared by UPF/FFWPU Benin

As part of a project against pollution in Benin, in accordance with the program by the government, developed a project to plant Moringa plants. And for this, we went to three prefectures and gave lecture to authorities from May 15 to 28, 2018.

The aims are to:

  • contribute to the fight against pollution,
  • contribute to the health and socio-economic development of populations

It is in this context that the UPF Benin and the FFPMU Benin made a total donation of 3085 moringa plants to 3 prefectures (Couffo, Zou, Littoral) and 7 communes (Zagnanado, Ouinhi, Zogbodomey, Akpro-Missérété, Grand-Popo, Abomey-Calavi and Kpomassè) on the occasion of the National Tree Day on June 1st, 2018.

At each stage it was explained to the authorities why the choice of Moringa. Indeed, in addition to these already known medical virtues, Moringa (these leaves) has a strong carbon dioxide absorption capacity; which helps to fight against environmental pollution.

At each stage, the authorities were very touched by this gesture of giving and the explanations given. They deeply felt the concern of UPF and the FFWPU to contribute to the development of this project.

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