Benin: Peace Ambassador’s Meeting


Prepared by UPF Benin

We hold a meeting for the installation of the networks of Peace Ambassadors on April 27, 2018. On this occasion, there were the appointment of 7 new Peace Ambassadors.

During this meeting, the Secretary General of UPF Benin, Honorable ANAGONOU, urged the Peace Ambassadors gathered, to more ardently in the role of maintaining peace that belongs to them.

Also among the participants we had several religious leaders, artists, singers and comedians, as well as state officials and corporate directors. Some of them have been nominated as Ambassadors for Peace.

At the end of the conference, the participants followed the life and works of the True Father and many of them returned with his autobiography. The event was covered by 4 television channels in Benin and the national television channel which rebroadcast the event several times.

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