Albania: Essay on True Father’s Autobiography by 170 High School Students

Prepared by FFWPU Albania

On May 9th and May 11th two special event were organized in two different cities in Albania. An essay competition was organized in Koplik city, north of Albania, and another one was held in Pogradec city, south – east of Albania. The theme of the essay was the very title of the astonishing Autobiography book of True Father’s life “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen”. For few years already we have organized such competitions with high school students. We couldn’t miss this year without sharing True Father’s life with youngsters of our country. Following the strategy we prepared for 2018 and the yearly plan of activities, over 250 high school students during this year have become part of the Essay Competition Program.

The first event took place in the small town of Koplik close to Shkodra City. 50 high school students from 2 private schools received the book and had over 1 month time to study and prepare the essay. The best 3 winning essays were introduced on the closing event held at the school where over 100 people participated, including teachers and the board of the school who were very happy with the program.

The second event took place in Pogradec City of Albania. In close cooperation and partnership with Regional Education Department and Municipality, five public schools became part of the program. 120 high school students studied the book and prepared their essays which were collected and evaluated by the staff. The main event took place at the cinema of the city provided for free by the city hall. Around 400 students and teachers attended the event and the hall was totally full. The content of the essays was very impressing and it just confirms what we have been hoping for, and makes our determination stronger to do more.

Beautiful performances prepared by the students of the schools and also CARP members created a very beautiful atmosphere. Five prices were given to the best essays. Vice Mayor of the city said that it would be great to have such events on yearly basis.

Even though we gave for free the book of True Father’s Autobiography, all the students read it and prepared beautiful and thoughtful essays. All of them were inspired by the life of True Father and were inspired to take responsibility to creating a world of peace. We feel this kind of project is very important for the future of our country, because when students study Father’s Autobiography and try to get a clear message out of it, the content of the book remains in the heart of those students.

We are determined to develop this project in many other cities and schools and reach as many young people as possible.

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