Cöte d’ ivoire: Ambassador for Peace Award Ceremony of 40 Heads of Villages


Prepared by UPF Cöte D’ivoire

On May 20, 2018, UPF Cöte D’ivoire led by its President HE Mr. AKA Sayé Lazare and some members of his office proceeded to the award ceremony for forty heads of villages, on the occasion of the fifth edition of the annual meeting of the council of heads of villages of the sub-prefecture of BOGUIE, located in the region of DALOA, in the center west of the Cöte D’ivoire 400 km from Abidjan.

This ceremony took place in the large public square of the village of Kibou. It was chaired by the prefect of the region Mr. BAKO DIGBEU Privat and his administrators the sub-prefects and secretaries’ general of prefecture

Many personalities were present in particular Former Ministers of Family and Women Mrs. Léopoldine KOFFI, Minister of Planning and Development Mr. Alphonse DJEDJE Mady, The deputies of Daloa His Excellency Mr. LIKANE JEAN Yagui Ambassador of Peace, President of IAPP Cöte D’ivoire and the Honorable GOSE SEPLE Bernard Ambassadors of Peace MP for Zougougbeu

After the speech, Rev. LIKANE Gabriel presented the 5 universal principles of Peace Ambassadors by exposing the vision of True Parents and insisting on the principle of living for others for the maintenance of a lasting peace.

Following him, president of the UPF Cöte D’ivoire, S.E.M. AKA SAYE Lazard, gave awards to five first village chiefs. The rest received the awards later.

It is with pride that every village chief has been honored as a Peace Ambassador, thus making a commitment to contribute effectively to the peace process in his locality.

In his concluding remarks, the President of UPF Cöte D’ivoire encouraged Peace Ambassadors to remain exemplary in their peacekeeping missions to bring peace and social cohesion.

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