2018 Hyojeong Prayer Wish Offering Ceremony for Restoration and to Inherit Heavenly Fortune

May 5, 2018  Cheongshim Peace World Center, Seorak-myeon, South Korea


By Julian Gray, FFWPU International Headquarters

What is this place we call Cheongpyeong? It is a place where we forge a connection with the eternal world, with those who lived on earth in the past and who are connected to us through lineage, through our deep love. We are the tip of generations of ancestors going back through the millennia. We will one day join them; but right now we are their representatives on earth and through us, they, who lived before us, can solve their regrets and pain.

Under our Heavenly Parent’s guidance, and with the help of Heung-jin nim and Daemo-nim in the spirit world, True Parents have established a bridge between their world and ours, such that with a minimum of effort we can connect with those who went before us and help them leave behind the dark corridors of pain they have walked since their difficult lives on earth.

The International Azalea Festival in Cheongpyeong this weekend invited members from all around the world to come and experience the deep spiritual work that was begun here more than 20 years ago in liberating and blessing their ancestors, while helping free spirits that are trapped on the earth plane by their anguish or resentment.

Today a special ceremony was offered to Heaven through which the heartfelt prayers of our members were symbolically offered to Heaven. Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim, our Family Federation International President couple, represented True Parents in the ceremony to offer members’ handwritten prayer wish papers to Heaven, symbolizing the dissolving of the difficulties we face during our earthly life under the grace of Heaven. The ceremony expressed Heaven’s deep acceptance of our prayers and God’s commitment of His constant healing, loving presence with us in the course of our earthly life. When everyone at the Peace World Center – numbering some 10,000 souls — prayed in unison, for the resolution of many hardships, and in gratitude for His work around the world, the spirit of God filled the auditorium.

And True Mother entered, looking radiant and agelessly beautiful as she came down to the stage. She was accompanied by Sun Jin Nim, who was like a supporting and beautiful angel by Mother’s side. Mother spoke for just minutes. She said that the springtime of the providence is the time when we need to plant for the future. And she expressed her hope that the blessed families can realize their responsibility for the past by blessing their ancestors, for the present through heavenly tribal messiahship, and for the future through blessing their descendants.

Mother did not speak for long, though we would have wanted her to stay, but when she and Sun Jin Nim waved goodbye together to everyone with much love, hearts were filled.

The final responsibility and honor fell to Michael Balcomb, our European Regional Group Chair, who just a week ago had led the European movement to victory in Vienna, to seal the occasion by leading everyone in three resounding cheers of Eok Mansei.

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