Zimbabwe: Inauguration of FFWPU Zimbabwe


Prepared by FFWPU Zimbabwe

We just finished the launching ceremony of FFWPU in Zimbabwe with the participation of 758 while we had planned for 500 people. Among them more than 300 bishops and pastors.

All went well. Among the personalities present were the Resident Minister for Harare Province, the Special Adviser to the Presidency, the younger brother of the President who is also a Bishop and three traditional rulers, one of them being a senator also. Bishop David Masupa, Chairman of the Independent Churches of Zambia as well as Chairman of IAPD Zambia, and Bishop Sylvanus Nandwa Ngota, founder of the United Clergy for Africa Foundation from Kenya also graced the occasion with their presence. “They came to learn as well as support Archbishop Ndanga,” they said.

The program started with a March from the City Council to the Rainbow Towers Hotel, roughly two kilometers with the Police Marching Band and police escort.

I introduced Family Federation for World Peace and Unification; while Mrs. Kathy Rigney read True Mother’s speech in Senegal. A video, “Realizing the Dream of One Family under God,” was also shown to the participants in other to introduce True Parents.

It was really a victorious launch. The Minister, Hon. Miriam Chikukwa, praised FFWPU and True Mother for their vision and works to save families and the nation. She said, FFWPU can be trusted with “our families and the education of our youths”. They all agreed that “this is the best thing for Zimbabwe.”

Archbishop Ndanga spoke of the FFWPU plan of Blessing 40,000 by end of October 2018 and how the Blessing will have a serious impact on “our community and nation”. The honorable minister was appointed Ambassador for Peace by Mrs. Rigney.

True Mother,

Zimbabwe is moving in the right direction. Some of the bishops have started the Blessing in their churches. The first was 19 couples on 13 April and 52 couples on 14 April, 2018. Others are coming.

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