Zambia: WFWP Leadership Seminar


by Fabrice Djimadoum

The Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) Africa in collaboration with Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) Zambia chapter held a one day leadership seminar on Saturday 14th April 2018 at Peace Embassy, Lusaka under the theme: “Forgive Love and Unite”. Around 54 women leaders from different providential organizations and Tribal Messiahs attended the event.

The purpose of the seminar is to empower women leaders with leadership skills as well the self-renewal for each leader to be motivated to accomplish the vision 2020 programs.

The MC, Mrs. Evelyn Masika Chimfwembe, WFWP Zambia advisor introduced the program of the event and quoted her remarks from True Father’s speech given on 10 April, 1992 during the inauguration of WFWP titled “The coming of the Age of Women”: “…The Leadership of men has brought about a world filled with struggle and evil. …In the presence of the True Parents who comes as the Messiah, the women of this age are the true workers who will cleanse this world of war, violence, suppression, exploitation and crime. …It is also up to women to see that the evil forces, led primarily by men, which opposed and persecuted the forces of righteousness and good, are now completely eradicated so that they cannot cause any more harm.”

The event was graced by a prayer given by Mrs. Annabelle Banda, Secretary General for WFWP Zambia Chapter. The President of WFWP Zambia chapter gave the background of WFWP mission in Zambia.

Afterwards, the Africa WFWP President and IVP, Mrs. Susan Kone gave two inspiring and motivational presentations well elaborated:

The first presentation based on the Introduction WFWP Vision 2020 Mission and Goals. Mrs. Kone explained the background of the WFWP, its, objective and purpose and vision. She further explained about the True leadership of our beloved True Mother as the model for women.

In her second presentation on The Power of Positive Thinking. She encouraged leaders to work together for the spirit of unity for the realization of vision 2020.

At the end of the lectures, participants were able to asked questions more and the answers were participants happy with the answers given by Mrs. Kone.

In vote of thanks given by Mrs. Peggy Nyendwa Bassole, she should endeavor to implement what have been learnt to this seminar,

In the closing remarks given by Mrs. Eunice Mbulo Sanfo, she thanked the Africa WFWP President for hosting this important and reminded participants to keep positive thinking.

The seminar came to end with a powerful and deep prayer given by Mrs. Hildegard Faerber, WFWP Zambia chapter senior advisor.

At the participants were inspired and deeply moved by the different presentations and resolve to be in forefront to witness to their fellow women to save Zambia. They requested to the Africa President to hold such seminars as often as possible.


  • “The seminar was to bring women together and remind each other on our portion of responsibilities in the society to become True women who can take responsibilities which have to do it and they can do it. After the seminar, our plan for WFWP Zambia chapter is to organize a sisterhood ceremony across Zambia to become true citizens and heal the wounds and move this country forward to become true sisters and women who love Heavenly Parent and True Parents.” Mrs. Sheila Chanda Mwenda, President WFWP Zambia chapter.
  • “What has inspired me the most in this seminar is that I have known who I am, I have known my value as woman who can bring changes in the society and in the world.  From what I have learnt, I need to go to the villages to invite the women to come and listen themselves what I have learnt”. Mrs. Misozi Mbewe, HTM leader.
  • “This seminar has encouraged us women to motivate the world and other women. Through this seminar, I have seen True Mother vision for women and I am proud to be a woman as well as young woman, I am looking forward to share this knowledge with other women. I am ready to go out there and share this knowledge with others about True Mother’s vision about the importance role of women in the society. We women are the key for the happiness in this world”. Mrs. Paula Mwila Karamaji, Youth Missionary.

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