YSP and Education Programs for the Youth in Africa


Prepared by Philbert Seka, President of YSP Africa


Cote d’Ivoire

In Cote d’Ivoire, YSP led several training of trainers’ program in 3 cities, Abidjan, Yamoussoukro and Grand Bassam based on the Hyo Jeong Character Education curriculum. The main purpose of those training is how to implement the curriculum in schools. The training was led by Philbert Seka, President of YSP Africa. During the training, pilot schools were chosen and MOUs signed.

In Abijan, the training was held in Family School for 12 teachers and administrative personal. It is a Kindergarten and Primary school with 120 students.

In Yamoussoukro, the training was held for 35 teachers and Principals at SOS village. We selected 4 schools with a total number of 1400 students.

In Grand Bassam, the training was held in the government teachers training school, where 300 student-teachers who will graduate in July of this year gathered. Those student teachers will be sent to teach into public schools.

Noted that in the pilot schools, the character education is taught as a subject in the school program.

To lead the Hyo Jeong character Education in the nation, a group of 8 people who work as regional education inspectors at Ministry of education in Cote d’Ivoire was appointed. Their mission is to increase the number of pilot schools this year to 120 all over the nation and bring the Ministry of Education to include the curriculum of the Hyo Jeong Character Education to the school program nationwide by 2020. Actually 14 schools in the nation has been selected as pilot schools to implement the curriculum. After every training, participants expressed their deep interest to learn more about the 4 Great Fields of Love.


In Rwanda, YSP held a 3-day workshop from March 29th to 31st, 2018 for 12 young people to instruct them in their mission to contribute to the success of the Vision 2020. They studied the Divine Principle as well as the Hyo Jeong Character Education curriculum. Those 12 Hyo Jeong soldiers will empower other young people and spread YSP activities in the nation. They will also work as missionaries in Heavenly Tribal Messiahship zones.

Democratic Republic Congo

From April 2nd to 7th, 2018, the staff of YSP in Democratic Republic of Congo led a 6-day workshop in Kinshasa for 150 young people. The main purposes were to:

– train trainers with the capabilities to teach the Hyo Jeong Character Education in schools and communities

– empower the youth to become Cheon IL Guk missionaries in the nation

– build the capacities of young people as leaders

During the workshop, the National Leader of DRC and some elders in the church inspired the youth with pioneering mission experiences.

After the workshop, the young people expressed their Gratitude to Our Beloved True Mother for giving them such opportunity to experience the early years of our Unification Movement.

The workshop took place at the Seonghwa National Polytechnic institute of Kinshasa.


YSP Liberia organized a 3-day workshop for 27 participants on April 5th to 7th, 2018 to share with the youth the mission of YSP. During the workshop, the National Leader of Liberia Rev Pamela Moore strengthen the leadership capacity of the participants and invited them to clearly understand the actual Providential time and how their can spread the vision of True Parents among the youth in the nation.

A cleanup service was led at the venue of the workshop to show up their heart of sincere devotion. At the closing ceremony, the staff of YSP Liberia was introduced to people.


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  1. Anne Keitany says:

    Thank you president good work character education is the solution to many problems

  2. Albina Tanui says:

    YSP activities in schools especially in teaching True Love through character Education in schools will prepare a true CIG nation. It is at this stage the youths can be saved. Once they get it at this level it means they will multiply goodness. This is the way!

  3. Bongani Gina says:

    This is beautiful..Heavenly Africa is taking shape from grassroot. congratulations brothers and sisters.

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