USA: Unificationist Youth Join the Gun Control Debate


Prepared by FFWPU USA

Just as young Americans across the nation have felt the need to speak out against the senseless shootings of our youth in America, Unificationist youth provide their voices on the question of gun control.

As members of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA, we recognize and respect every American’s Second Amendment rights. While there may be a need for gun control, eradicating violence and creating peace does not begin with changes in government policy; it starts with the family, as True Father pointed out:

“What is the desire of our Unificationists? It is to become a restored family. This is where all our desires lie: the family is the source of the peace of all nations, of the happiness of heaven and earth, and of the new dispensation. The beginning of the new heaven and new earth, and the passing away of the first heaven and first earth, the root of all values of human life, and the starting point of hope— lies here.” Cheon Seong Gyeong, p. 518.

Similarly, Dr. Warren Farrell, psychologist and author of The Boy Crisis, noted 100% of school shooters suffered as “dad-deprived boys.”

The results of this family breakdown has manifested in more and more mass shootings. Here’s what our Unificationist youth have to say on the issue of gun control.


Bosoon Karimi, 19, from Greenbelt, Maryland: “When I was in high school, if you had a problem you would go talk to a counselor. The way the school system works right now, it’s just taking students in through high school and getting them out as fast as possible and efficiently. That’s what it’s about and there’s no heart in it at all. You don’t really grow internally.

I think [we need] tighter gun laws and regulations because it’s very easy for anyone to go purchase a gun: background checks and even maybe looking at who has a gun and [evaluating] their mental health and physical health, because it’s very dangerous to have that many guns out there. I think [internal issues] are way bigger though, because if we teach the young people now about how it feels, and to understand all their internal thoughts and feelings, then when they grow up they’ll understand their feelings and how they’re supposed to live in life and grow. They could even have a gun, if they can control themselves; if they’re doing it for like hunting or sport it’d be okay. So it’s much more important, the internal growth, than laws. ”


Chungbom Katayama, President of CARP Las Vegas, College of Southern Nevada: “For the mass shootings, one problem is that the shooter got a hold of the firearms. But the real cause for the problem is that the people who conduct gun violence have a very high percentage of not having parents or even any parental figures in their lives. We are seeing problems of gun violence, but not seeing the problem that goes back to the family and the lack of parents for the children who grow up to become isolated individuals who are full of resentment.

So, my opinion is that the youth in the world are seeking for solutions because they see the problem right in front of them. They are not okay with the way the world is, but don’t really know how to address the problem, which is the family. However, as a practical step, I do believe that stronger restriction of gun ownership is needed, but only as a way to protect the immature and unready individuals from getting ahold of guns, which in turn can prevent mass shootings or accidents involved with firearms.”


Misato Koiso, 22, College of Southern Nevada: “Since the mass shooting happened in Florida in February, a lot of students in school have been walking out of school. They are mainly protesting about gun control, but I believe guns are not the main issue. I believe it all comes from family. Because there are so many broken families that cannot give children what they deserve, there develop problems in the child, for example, resentment or anger control issues. Those children then bully other children in school and spread such resentment. I strongly believe family is the key to change the world.”

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