USA: Unificationist Leaders Commit to a Heavenly Africa


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On April 24 in New York, Unificationist representatives of African descent met with Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, and President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA, Rev. Richard Buessing, to discuss how to best support the Unification movement in Africa and the upcoming Africa Diaspora Leadership Conference.

During the meeting, Dr. Kim shared with the representatives True Mother’s vision for a new, heavenly Africa centered on Senegal, where the World Africa Summit was held in January. He went on to call all Unificationists to own and expand upon  the foundation laid by True Mother in her prayer for the ancestors of Africa at the Island of Gorée, the largest slave-trading center on the African coast between the 15th and 19th centuries. Dr. Kim reminded the leaders of True Parents’ incredible heart for God and all of humanity. Therefore, Dr. Kim explained, it is truly a blessing to know True Parents and in return, fulfill God’s will, as told in Isaiah 46:11.

Following Dr. Kim’s moving message, Dr. Achille Acolaste, Pastor of the Washington, D.C. Family Church and Chairman of the African Diaspora Leadership Conference, gave a brief report about how Unificatoinists of African descent are striving to unite with True Mother’s vision for Africa. Dr. Acolaste presented the different organizing committees that are currently preparing for the African Diaspora Leadership Conference, which will be held in July at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC). This special conference will be an opportunity for Unificationists of African descent around the nation to connect with one another not only to fortify the Unification movement in Africa, but also to facilitate tribal messiahship. “We are extremely encouraged by their determination and commitment,” said Rev. Buessing after the meeting.

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