USA: The Desire of God and True Parents


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On April 1, 2018, Family Federation for a Heavenly USA President Rev. Richard Buessing delivered an Easter Sunday sermon at the Atlanta Family Church focusing on the parental heart of God and True Parents which seeks to return all people back to their embrace.

Rev. Buessing began his message by reminding those in the audience that 83 years ago on Easter, True Father began his ministry after his encounter with the resurrected Jesus. The President chose to read True Father’s account of the experience from As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, True Father’s autobiography. The passage made it clear that meeting Jesus was a turning point in True Father’s life.

Rev. Buessing then read the parable of the prodigal son whom Jesus gave to his followers, explaining that this is the heart of God: the heart of a father who desires fully embrace and love all of his children. “In the same way that no parent would ever say, ‘I have 13 children, so it’s okay to lose one,’ God, our Heavenly Parent, pains for every child He has lost and yearns for their return,” said Rev. Buessing. “This is also the heart of the Messiah and our True Parents.”

He further explained that while Jesus gave people individual salvation, the solution to the problems of the world begins with family salvation and restoration. Since it takes a father and a mother to give birth, Rev. Buessing continued, we need the Messiah, our True Parents, to be reborn.

“True Mother speaks of 7.5 billion people who must receive restoration,” said Rev. Buessing.  “This is God’s perspective and those who truly love God feel the same way.  We are here to help our Heavenly Parent to realize his will.”

Following Rev. Buessing’s insightful Easter message, a small group of Unificationists visited Rev. Mark Abernathy, a very active member of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) who has blessed over 750 couples in marriage, at the Connect Point Christian Center, where he is Senior Pastor. There, Rev. Mark Abernathy shared about his own experience providing the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony to other members of his community, as well as tips for being successful in sharing the Marriage Blessing with others.

Just as Jesus had encountered True Father on Easter Sunday 83 years ago, the Unificationists of the Atlanta Family Church were able to share this Easter as one family with their Christian peers of the Connect Point Christian Center.

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