USA: Spring Comes to Ohio Family Church with Chapel Renovation


by Marquis Van de Mark, FFWPU USA

The Ohio Family Church held the grand opening for its newly renovated chapel on Sunday, March 25, 2018, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and Family Federation for a Heavenly USA President Rev. Richard Buessing and Midwest Subregional Director Rev. David Rendel in attendance. The renovation was a 7-week project that concluded just a few days before the grand opening.

The purpose of the renovation of our chapel was to revive and inspire the community, especially second-generation Unificationists, and to encourage newcomers of our services to feel and experience the Holy Spirit through music, which has the power to revive people spiritually.

For the Sunday service, Pastor Marquis Van de Mark delivered a sermon on his experience in Korea for True Parents’ Birthday and Foundation Day celebrations and brought back the spirit of hyojeong (heart of filial piety) and True Mother’s message to the Columbus community.

S.L. Project was involved in the sound design, visual (video) and lighting, the interior design was implemented by Shannon Archer, our second-generation adult Unificationist. Most of the financial support for the renovation came from our locally owned business Pacific Foods, Inc.

All those who attended could feel the spirit of our True Parents as they entered the chapel for the first time. We were surprised to hear from Rev. Buessing that True Mother had come to America to visit suddenly because she felt hope in our nation. We felt that her coming may be connected to our chapel renovation and renewal.

Everyone was so inspired and happy to see and experience the spirit of the new chapel. “It feels much more like home,” said Rev. Garrun Abrahams. ‘It’s a place where the entire community can feel the love of God.”

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